Why Did Jesse Rutherford And Devon Lee Carlson Break Up? Explained



Fans are curious about the breakup between Jesse Rutherford and Devon Lee Carlson, who were once considered a power couple in the spotlight. Despite their six-year relationship, the reasons behind their split remain a mystery to many. Let’s delve into the details to understand why Jesse and Devon parted ways and how they’ve moved forward since then.


Jesse Rutherford and Devon Lee Carlson: An Overview:

Before dissecting their breakup, let’s understand who Jesse Rutherford and Devon Lee Carlson are individually. Jesse, renowned as the lead vocalist of The Neighbourhood, boasts a successful music career with hits like “Sweater Weather” and “Hollywood Friends.” Devon, on the other hand, gained recognition as a fashion star and vlogger, known for her brand Wildflower Cases and her substantial YouTube following.


Reasons Behind the Breakup:

The breakup of Jesse and Devon, announced in November 2021 but confirmed later, sparked curiosity among fans. Despite being a seemingly strong couple, subtle hints hinted at trouble brewing in paradise. Changes in social media bios and the deletion of couple photos indicated a rift. Devon’s choice of song on New Year’s Eve further fueled speculation, suggesting a narrative of dealing with a painful breakup.


Speculations and Clarifications:

While the breakup was confirmed, neither Jesse nor Devon cited specific reasons for their split. However, Devon’s revelation on the Call Her Daddy podcast shed some light on their amicable parting. The lack of explicit reasons left fans guessing, with some expressing profound sadness akin to a personal loss. Despite the uncertainty, both parties have chosen to maintain a friendship and support each other’s endeavors.


Life After Breakup:

Life moves on for Jesse and Devon, as evident from their recent romantic entanglements. Jesse’s public appearances with Billie Eilish suggest a newfound connection, while Devon’s reported involvement with Duke Nicholson hints at a fresh start. Both individuals seem content in their respective paths, signaling closure and growth beyond their past relationship.



In conclusion, the breakup of Jesse Rutherford and Devon Lee Carlson remains shrouded in speculation, with fans dissecting every clue for answers. While the exact reasons may elude us, what’s evident is their mutual respect and ability to move forward positively. As they embark on new journeys, we wish Jesse and Devon happiness and fulfillment in their endeavors.



FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):


1. Why did Jesse Rutherford and Devon Lee Carlson break up?

  • The exact reasons behind their breakup remain undisclosed. However, subtle hints on social media and Devon’s choice of song on New Year’s Eve hinted at underlying issues.

2. Were Jesse and Devon’s breakup amicable?

  • Yes, both parties have maintained a friendly relationship post-breakup, expressing mutual support and respect for each other.

3. Who is Jesse Rutherford currently dating?

  • Jesse has been spotted with singer Billie Eilish, sparking rumors of a romantic involvement.

4. Is Devon Lee Carlson in a new relationship?

  • Reports suggest that Devon is “exclusively seeing” Duke Nicholson, although she hasn’t explicitly confirmed his identity.

5. How long were Jesse and Devon together?

  • Jesse Rutherford and Devon Lee Carlson dated for six years before their breakup in 2021.

6. What role did social media play in their breakup?

  • Changes in bios and the deletion of couple photos on social media platforms hinted at potential issues within their relationship, sparking speculation among fans.

7. Did Jesse or Devon provide any statement regarding their breakup?

  • Devon Lee Carlson confirmed their split on the Call Her Daddy podcast, but neither party disclosed specific reasons behind the breakup.

8. Are Jesse and Devon still friends?

  • Yes, both Jesse and Devon have maintained a friendship post-breakup, showcasing support for each other’s endeavors.

9. How have Jesse and Devon moved forward since the breakup?

  • Jesse has been seen publicly with Billie Eilish, while Devon is reportedly exploring a new relationship, indicating that both have embraced new beginnings.

10. What wishes can we extend to Jesse and Devon for their future?

– We wish Jesse and Devon happiness and success in their respective journeys, hoping that their newfound paths bring them fulfillment and joy.




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