Lesley Mcnaught’s Obituary & Cause Of Death: Who Was Lesley Mcnaught? What Happened to Lesley Mcnaught?



So, the news hit hard on December 26, 2023 – Lesley McNaught, the British-born Swiss equestrian, left us at the age of 59. The official word came from Swiss Equestrian on December 27, expressing deep sorrow at the loss of a true legend in the sport of show jumping. Damian Müller, the President of Swiss Equestrian, poured out his heart, recognizing Lesley’s exceptional skills, dedication to the sport, and her unyielding passion for horses and her team.


A Life Devoted to Show Jumping

Now, let me take you back a bit. Born on February 10, 1964, in Hinckley, Leicestershire, Lesley was a farm girl with a dream. Under the mentorship of the renowned international show jumper, Ted Edgar, she started her equestrian journey. At a tender age of 17, she clinched the title of Junior European Champion in 1981, riding high with her horse, One More Time IV, in Aarau, Switzerland.

At 18, she made a bold move, packing her bags and heading to Switzerland, where she worked at Willi Melliger’s stables near Neuendorf. Fate had more in store for her than just a change of scenery – she met and married Swiss show jumper Beat Mändli.


The Enigma of Her Departure

Now, here’s where it gets tricky. Lesley McNaught left us on December 26, 2023, at the age of 59. But the details surrounding her passing remain undisclosed. The announcement didn’t dive into the specifics of how or why we lost this shining star. Instead, the focus has been on honoring her contributions to the world of show jumping and extending condolences. The equestrian community is mourning the loss of a celebrated figure who left an indelible mark.


Remembering a True Legend

Lesley McNaught’s obituary is a solemn acknowledgment of her departure on December 26, 2023, at 59. It’s a tribute that celebrates her exceptional achievements in show jumping, highlighting the Olympic silver medal and championships that crowned her career. It doesn’t just stop at her personal victories; it sheds light on her coaching role, emphasizing her legacy in the Swiss eventing team and cementing her status as a true legend of show jumping.



Q: What were Lesley McNaught’s major achievements in show jumping?
Lesley McNaught was a force to be reckoned with, winning a silver medal in show jumping at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. But her journey started way back in 1981 when she became the Junior European Champion.

Q: What was Lesley McNaught’s role in the Swiss eventing team?
As her riding days evolved, Lesley smoothly transitioned into a coaching role, making invaluable contributions to the Swiss eventing team. Her efforts played a crucial role in their qualification for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Q: How is the equestrian community reacting to Lesley McNaught’s passing?
The equestrian world is heartbroken. Lesley McNaught wasn’t just a rider; she was a pillar of inspiration. Condolences are pouring in from all corners – family, friends, and the broader equestrian community. The void left by her departure is immense, and the world of show jumping will never be the same.



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