Solving The Cave Of Wonders Puzzle In Disney Dreamlight Valley



When you start your adventure in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s “Diamond in the Rough,” Gaston will be your guide. He will lead you through a series of different tasks as you embark on your quest. To begin, ensure that you have both parts of the Scarab beetle securely stored in your inventory. Gaston will guide you to the enigmatic Cave of Wonders. Here are some brief details on how to solve the Cave of Wonders puzzle in Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Cave of Wonders puzzle in Disney Dreamlight Valley can be solved by following a few steps. First, you need to locate the entrance to the cave, which is usually marked by a distinctive landmark or sign. Once you’ve found the entrance, carefully make your way inside. Inside the cave, you will encounter a series of challenges and obstacles that you must overcome to progress further.


The Enchanting Entrance

Once you have finished all of Gaston’s tasks, you will be given permission to enter the Cave. To open the entrance, you need to follow the path of the golden beetle that Gaston has summoned. Keep following it until it stops or pauses. To activate the enchanting entrance of the Cave of Wonders, simply interact with it.


Power Coil Puzzles

Jafar is waiting inside the Cave, ready to offer guidance on how to solve the puzzles. The first challenge you will encounter is related to a Power Coil located on the left side. To restore your health, gather and remove the scattered Splinters of Fate. Afterward, insert the Power Coil into its designated slot. To unlock the door, you need to locate a switch on the right side. Once you find it, simply activate the switch and the door will unlock.


Charging the Power Coil

MPlease go to the main chamber, where you will find a Power Coil that does not have enough charge. To complete the circuit, press the buttons in the following order: “Bottom Left,” “Top Left,” “Top Center,” “Top Right,” and “Bottom Right.” Please refer to a guide to ensure that you follow the correct order. A guide can provide you with step-by-step instructions or a sequence of actions to follow in order to achieve the desired outcome. By using a guide, you can avoid any confusion or mistakes that may arise from not following the correct order. After all the lines have been lit up, you should retrieve the Power Coil that has been charged and then go back to the main room.


Mirror Mysteries

To proceed, go towards the left side of the main room and engage in solving the mirror puzzle. Please remove any remaining Splinters of Fate, engage with the switches, and position the mirror on the wall where the light beam ends. Please place the Power Coil into its designated slot, then turn on the switch to activate it. This will allow you to unlock the door that leads to the next area.


Jewel of Time

Keep going through the door until you find the Jewel of Time. Once you have it, you can consider the quest finished. Go back to Gaston and let him know about your achievements. You can also collect your rewards, which include the Coconut LeFou. The “Diamond in the Rough” quest has now been completed, which means that new content has been unlocked in the Rift In Time Expansion of Disney Dreamlight Valley.


My Final Opinion

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the challenges you’ll encounter in the Cave of Wonders at Disney Dreamlight Valley, don’t worry! This walkthrough will provide you with the guidance you need to confidently solve the puzzles and emerge victorious. I hope you have an exciting and adventurous experience as you explore the new content in this game! Enjoy the thrill of discovering new things along the way! Come and experience the excitement of exploring the enchanting world of Disney



How can I initiate the “Diamond in the Rough” quest?
To begin the quest, ensure both parts of the Scarab beetle are in your inventory.

How can I power up the Power Coil?
Charge the Power Coil by creating a circuit. Press buttons on the circuit board in the correct sequence.

What are the next steps after obtaining the Jewel of Time?
After acquiring the Jewel of Time, report your success to Gaston and claim your well-deserved rewards.




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