Alix Earle Talks on Drama With Ex Tyler Wade & Boyfriend Braxton Berrios’ Ex Sophia Culpo Following Cheating Rumors



First things first, let’s get to know Alix Earle a bit better. She’s a 23-year-old content creator who’s been making headlines for all the right (and sometimes not-so-right) reasons. You’ve probably stumbled upon her name while scrolling through your feeds because, let’s be honest, who can resist a good celebrity scoop?  Lets check out Alix Earle’s drama With Ex Tyler Wade & Boyfriend Braxton Berrios’ Ex Sophia Culpo Following Cheating Rumors.


The Breakup Buzz

So, the drama begins with a live stream. Alix spills the tea about her breakup with MLB star Tyler Wade. The video goes viral, and suddenly everyone’s got their eyes on Alix. Now, why did they break up? Well, there were rumors floating around that Tyler didn’t post about Alix on Instagram, but hold up – that’s not the real story.

According to Alix, their relationship was like a ticking time bomb. Toxicity was the name of the game, and not being featured on Tyler’s Instagram was just the tip of the iceberg. Alix spills the beans, sharing that Tyler didn’t support her and had this weird thing about following models and celebrities on social media. Not cool, Tyler. Not cool.

“He s-it on everything that I did,” Alix spills the tea. It’s safe to say their love story had more downs than ups. Despite a brief reunion rumor floating around in the new year, it was lights out for Alix and Tyler.


A Fresh Start

Now, here’s where the plot thickens. Enter Braxton Berrios, an NFL player who waltzed into Alix’s life in February 2023. Cue the heart-eyed emojis. These two hit it off, and before you know it, they’re attending Super Bowl parties together, making it clear that there’s a new power couple in town.


Straight From Alix’s Mouth

Now, you might be wondering how we got all these deets. Well, Alix isn’t one to shy away from addressing the rumors and controversies. She spills the tea on her podcast, “Hot Mess,” sharing her side of the story and setting the record straight. It’s like having a cozy chat with your bestie – Alix lays it all out, no filter.



Before you go down the rabbit hole of online gossip, let’s tackle some burning questions you might have:

Q: What’s Alix Earle’s relationship status?
A: Alix Earle is currently basking in the glow of love with NFL athlete Braxton Berrios.

Q: Why did Alix and Tyler call it quits?
A: While the rumor mill suggested it was all about Instagram posts, Alix spilled the tea, revealing their relationship was drowning in toxicity with multiple issues in the mix.

Q: Who is Alix Earle?
A: She’s a 23-year-old content creator who’s been turning heads due to her eventful love life and all the drama that comes with it.


In a nutshell

Alix Earle has been riding the rollercoaster of relationships, from the breakup blues with Tyler Wade to the lovey-dovey vibes with Braxton Berrios. Drama might follow her, but she’s facing it head-on and sharing her truth. As the world keeps its eyes on Alix, we’ll be here to spill the tea on any new developments. Stay tuned, dear readers!


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