Carmilla Carmine: Hazbin Hotel Character Explained


So, Carmilla Carmine is this high-ranking overlord in Hell, and guess what? She’s got a big say in what goes on down there. Think of her as a boss – a boss with a lot of influence. Oh, and she’s brought to life by the amazing Daphne Rubin-Vega, who gives her a voice that you won’t forget.


A Chance Encounter with Alastor

Picture this: Alastor, another character roaming the fiery streets of Hell, stumbles upon Sir Pentious’s Egg Boiz. And guess what happens next? Zestial, another player in this Hellish drama, invites Alastor to a meeting of the overlords. And who’s leading this meeting? You got it – Carmilla Carmine.


The Weapon Master of Hell

Now, Carmilla is no ordinary overlord; she’s the one who controls the weapons supplies of Hell. Imagine being in charge of all the weapons in a place like Hell – that’s some serious power, right?


A Head, a War, and a Wise Decision

Velvette, another character, shows up with the head of a dead exterminator angel. Sounds intense, huh? She suggests going to war with Heaven, but hold on! Carmilla isn’t having any of it. She shuts down the idea immediately. No war with Heaven on her watch.


Carmilla Takes Charge

Things get interesting when Zestial questions Carmilla about her strong reaction to Velvette’s war proposal. And here’s the twist – Carmilla admits that she’s the one who offed the angel. Why? To protect her family, especially her daughters. Now that’s a bombshell.


Family First for Carmilla

Carmilla spills the beans – her main priority is keeping her daughters safe. She doesn’t want anyone finding out about the angel’s demise because it could put her family in danger. Despite having control over all those weapons, war with Heaven is a big no-no for her.


Exerting Authority and Kicking Out

When Velvette insists on the war idea, Carmilla flexes her authority muscles and kicks her out. It’s clear – mess with Carmilla, and you’re out. She’s not one to be messed with, especially when it comes to her family.


Alastor’s Secrets

Now, here’s a twist in the plot. Alastor, being the clever devil he is, has one of the Egg Boiz eavesdropping on this whole conversation. He keeps this juicy information about Carmilla’s involvement in the angel’s demise for later use. Drama in Hell, right?

In a nutshell, Carmilla Carmine is a powerful overlord with a soft spot for her family. She’s not afraid to take charge and make tough decisions, especially when it comes to protecting her loved ones. Keep an eye on her – in Hell, you never know what twists and turns might come your way.


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