Daughters Of The Cult Explained (What Happened To Ervil Lebaron’s Kingdom Of God?)



In the gripping and unsettling Hulu documentary series “Daughters of the Cult,” we are thrust into the haunting narrative of the Church of the First Born of the Lamb of God, a notorious Mormon cult founded and led by the violent polygamist, Ervil LeBaron. The five-episode series delves into the harrowing experiences of survivors and family members, recounting the grim reality of life within the confines of this malevolent cult. Lets check out Daughters Of The Cult full story explained given below article.


Ervil LeBaron’s Rise to Power

The chilling saga begins in Colonia LeBaron, Mexico, where the LeBaron family, staunch Mormon believers, lived in a polygamous community. Ervil, along with his brother Joel, co-founded the Church of the First Born of the Fulness of Times, promoting the controversial practice of polygamy. However, Ervil’s insatiable desire for power and wealth led to a bitter rift with Joel, resulting in Ervil establishing his own sect – the Church of the Lamb of God. Also check out answer of What Happened To Ervil Lebaron’s Kingdom Of God.


The Descent into Darkness

Ervil’s thirst for dominance escalated as he resorted to violence, introducing guns and ammunition to his followers. In 1972, he committed his first murder by killing his own brother, Joel, marking the onset of a gruesome reign. Ervil orchestrated attacks on rival communities, leaving death and destruction in his wake. His sinister actions culminated in the 1977 murder of Rulon Allred, a prominent Mormon preacher, solidifying Ervil’s descent into infamy.


The Capture and Escape

Ervil’s evasion of justice was as audacious as his crimes. After a year on the run, he walked into a Mexican police station, convinced of divine protection. In 1974, he faced trial for Joel’s murder but managed to evade conviction through bribery. Despite being pursued by American authorities, Ervil continued his reign of terror until 1979 when Mexican police apprehended him. Finally sentenced to life imprisonment, his delirious claims of being the rightful President of the USA only reinforced his distorted mindset.


The Legacy of Violence

Ervil LeBaron’s death in 1981 did not mark the end of the horror. His manifesto, “The Book of the New Covenants,” became a blueprint for continued violence. The cult splintered into factions led by ruthless successors, each perpetuating Ervil’s legacy. The Kingdom of God, under Arturo LeBaron, descended into drug-related crimes and internal strife, causing further bloodshed.


The Aftermath

Despite Ervil’s demise, the cult endured, fueled by his writings. The divide led to brutal infighting, including the 4 o’clock murders in 1988, where key figures like Dan Jordan and Mark Chynoweth were assassinated. The arrest of cult members on unrelated charges provided a glimmer of hope for justice.


Unraveling the Truth

The documentary series reaches its climax with the courageous decision of Cynthia, one of Ervil’s daughters, to break free from the cult. Her cooperation with law enforcement unveiled the gruesome details of the 4 o’clock murders, resulting in life sentences for Aaron and Heber LeBaron. The cult’s reign of terror finally came to an end.



In conclusion, “Daughters of the Cult” serves as a stark reminder of the devastating impact of Ervil LeBaron’s twisted leadership. The narrative, woven with personal accounts, exposes the intricate web of violence, brainwashing, and distorted faith that enveloped the lives of those ensnared in the Church of the Lamb of God. As we bid farewell to the chilling story, we honor the resilience of survivors who emerged from the shadows of Ervil LeBaron’s reign and disavowed the haunting legacy of the cult.



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