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In the realm of detectives, Rufus Cotesworth was once hailed as the greatest. The Colliers, in a time of distress, sought Rufus’s expertise to solve the mysterious death of Imogene’s mother. Back then, Rufus was riding the wave of success, basking in the glory of his detective career. Now, Lets check out cast and characters of “Death And Other Details” series which is given below article.


The Heartbreak and Doubt Linger On

Imogene, the daughter of the deceased, was left heartbroken. The Colliers, especially Lawrence, started doubting Rufus’s abilities, labeling him a hack. This skepticism arose because it took three long months for Rufus to unearth the name Viktor Sams in connection to Imogene’s mother’s case.


A Detective’s Promise and a Reluctant Partnership

Now, let’s shift our focus to the central characters of “Death and Other Details” – Rufus and Imogene. They find themselves entangled in solving the murder of Keith Trubitsky during Lawrence Collier’s retirement celebration on a luxury cruise.

Rufus usually collaborates with an assistant, but Imogene hesitates to join forces. Why? Because Rufus had failed her once before when she was just a kid. Imogene, being the sole witness to her mother’s murder, held a crucial piece of the puzzle for Rufus.


Rufus and Imogene

As Rufus and Imogene spend more time together, a unique bond forms. Rufus, initially unaware of Imogene’s detective prowess, soon discovers her exceptional skills. He promises Imogene that he will find her mother’s murderer and bring them to justice.

However, when the Colliers abruptly cease their cooperation upon discovering Viktor Sams’s name, Rufus walks away from the case. For years, Imogene wrongly believes that Rufus abandoned the investigation due to the Colliers no longer paying him.


Unveiling Rufus’s True Mission

While Rufus appears as a personal security detail on the cruise for the Chuns, there’s more to it than meets the eye. The cruise serves as a cover for Rufus to delve into a more significant conspiracy. Astonishingly, Keith Trubitsky, the murder victim, was Rufus’s assistant, Danny.

Six months prior, Danny informed Rufus about Lawrence Colliers’ plan to pass the reins to his daughter, Anna. The Colliers were also considering outside investors, leading to the exposure of corporate secrets. Danny saw this as an opportunity to uncover the Colliers’ connection to Viktor Sams and fulfill Rufus’s promise to Imogene.


Trusting Imogene to Unravel the Truth

Danny’s untimely demise hints at his proximity to the truth. Rufus, left with only one ally on the ship, turns to Imogene for assistance. He believes that together, they can solve the case and expose the conspiracy that ties back to Imogene’s mother’s murder.



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