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In the gripping series, “The Bequeathed,” the dynamic between Detective Choi and Captain Park adds a layer of complexity and emotion to the narrative. Their relationship is a story of guilt, insecurity, and the eventual emergence of friendship. Let’s delve into why Detective Choi’s son ended up stabbing Captain Park and the ripple effect it had on their lives. Explore the intricate relationship between Detective Choi and Captain Park in “The Bequeathed,” as guilt, insecurity, and unspoken sacrifices shape their journey. Understand the complexities behind Choi’s son stabbing Park and the transformative power of forgiveness and familial support.


The Tragedy of Detective Choi’s Past

Detective Choi’s world was shattered when he lost his wife due to a medical condition. In a moment of anguish, upon discovering his wife’s lifeless body, he mistakenly blamed his son, Jun Hyung, who had headphones in and couldn’t hear his mother’s call for help. Regret lingered within Choi, but he never openly communicated this to his son. This communication lapse set off a series of mistakes that would haunt Choi throughout his career in the police force.


Jun Hyung’s Descent into Darkness

Facing guilt and bullying from delinquent friends, Jun Hyung found himself coerced into attacking his own father, a police officer. The group, driven by revenge, pushed Jun Hyung to harm Detective Choi. Unfortunately, the target that day was Captain Park, leading to Jun Hyung stabbing Park’s leg. Choi, devastated by his son’s actions, faced an unrepentant smile from Jun Hyung, revealing the toxic influence of his peers.


Guilt and Unspoken Words

As Jun Hyung entered juvenile detention, the distance from toxic influences allowed him to reflect. The guilt of his mother’s death and the stabbing weighed heavily on him. Choi, acknowledging his own role in the strained relationship, failed to reach out to his son. The unspoken words between them left Jun Hyung grappling with guilt, defining his life in unexpected ways.


Captain Park’s Limp and Insecurity

The incident left Captain Park with a lifelong limp, and Choi couldn’t shake the feeling that he indirectly contributed to Park’s suffering. Despite being the superior detective, Choi stepped back, letting Park take the captain’s role. Park, aware that it was not solely based on merit, harbored insecurities that strained their friendship. Choi’s sacrifices went unnoticed, and Park, burdened by his perceived failures, desperately sought validation through investigations.


Strained Friendship and Unspoken Sacrifices

Choi’s offer to step down further fueled Park’s insecurity. Park, injured while on duty, questioned Choi’s sacrifices, wondering if the same level of sacrifice would have occurred if the attacker wasn’t Choi’s son. The rift intensified until a confrontation led Choi to open up about his guilt. This heartfelt conversation marked a turning point, mending their relationship and prompting Park to advise Choi to meet his son, urging him not to repeat his mistakes.


Myung Hee’s Case

Witnessing Myung Hee’s struggle as a mother added a layer of understanding for Choi. Myung Hee’s son cared more about her company than societal approval. This realization prompted Choi to recognize Jun Hyung’s need for love and support. At the series’ conclusion, Choi quits his job to prioritize family, removing any barriers hindering his son’s path to a guilt-free life.


The Future for Detective Choi and Captain Park

As Choi steps away from his career, Captain Park continues in his role. The hope lingers that Park will either learn to excel in his job or find a pursuit he excels at. The series concludes with the prospect of healing and forgiveness, emphasizing the importance of familial support over societal approval.



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