Detective Forst Season 2 Spoilers | Will Wiktor Get Arrested? | Did Olga Save Elijah?



In the last season, we were left in shock when it was revealed that the mysterious serial killer, the Beast of Giewont, was none other than Wiktor Forst’s childhood friend, Iwo Elijah. The series hinted that Elijah held a grudge against Wiktor for abandoning him, and his plan was to frame Wiktor for the murders. But why? It seems like a revenge plot fueled by childhood scars. Lets check out Detective Forst Season 2 Theories and spoilers.


Olga’s Double Game

Why did Olga save Elijah after his confrontation with Wiktor? It appears that Olga might have been in league with Elijah from the beginning. She befriended Wiktor to stay one step ahead, aiding Elijah in his dark pursuits. Olga’s presence at crime scenes suggests she was covering Elijah’s tracks, perhaps even contributing to the gruesome scenes left by the Beast. A theory to ponder: Did Olga play a role in the murders beyond just covering them up? Will Wiktor Get Arrested? Did Olga Save Elijah?


Elijah’s Past

Elijah’s past holds more secrets than we know. Could he have been adopted after Wiktor left the orphanage? Perhaps his foster parents were no saints either, shaping Elijah into the person he became. There’s speculation about a sibling connection with Olga, another victim of child abuse. Together, they embarked on a murderous spree seeking revenge, even targeting innocent souls. But was it truly for justice, or just a vendetta against Wiktor Forst?


Family Dynamics

Serial killers often excel at manipulation, and Elijah is no exception. He convinced his wife, Dominika Wadrys, that he was a victim, pinning the blame on Wiktor. Now, with his secrets exposed, Dominika has turned the tables, framing Wiktor for the crimes. The question remains: Will Elijah return to his family, welcomed back by a wife who fought to protect their name? The chilling thought is, even if Elijah returns, can he truly escape his dark desires?


Wiktor’s Fate

As Wiktor rots in prison, a new murder emerges, mimicking the Beast’s methods. Prosecutor Dominika, realizing Wiktor may hold the key to solving the mystery, faces a dilemma. Will she seek Wiktor’s help to catch the new killer, potentially leading to his escape? Or will she try to unravel the case on her own? The possibility of Elijah and Olga not returning adds another layer to the mystery. Is a new Beast of Giewont on the loose, or will the old enemies resurface?



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