Kim Young Ho In ‘The Bequeathed,’ Explained: Why Did Myung Hee Kill People For Young Ho?



Hey there! Today, let’s dive into the intriguing story of “The Bequeathed.” It’s not just about love; there’s rejection, guilt, sacrifice, and redemption woven into this story.


Spoiler Alert

Myung Hee and Myung Ho, siblings in a town steeped in superstition, faced discrimination. Myung Hee’s cleft lip made her a target for cruel remarks. Kids can be mean, but if adults don’t step in, it’s a problem. Myung Hee’s father, in a flashback, constantly labeled her cursed. Myung Ho became her refuge. Did their bond turn romantic? We’re not sure, but Myung Hee became pregnant, seeking solace from a brother who criticized her fiance.


A Toxic Relationship Unveiled

Myung Ho’s actions remain shrouded. Did he run away to save Myung Hee or was their relationship toxic? Leaving his wife and child for Myung Hee sparks rumors. When Myung Ho died, Myung Hee faced social rejection. To protect her child, she labeled him ‘possessed,’ sending him to an orphanage.

Youth Ho, their child, grew up knowing his mother’s secret, protecting her from ridicule. Despite appearances, he’s not cruel but seeks to safeguard his family.


The High Cost of Secrecy

Myung Hee sacrificed her identity for Young Ho’s future. She discovered a funeral home that could secure his life. However, revealing her secret risked Young Ho’s normalcy. She became adept at removing obstacles, protecting him from prying eyes.


The Redemption Journey

In the end, Seo Ha saves Young Ho from a fire, realizing he’d been trying to save her all along. Myung Hee, to prevent scandal, jumps into the fire. Young Ho, not pressing charges, wants acceptance from Seo Ha, his only family left. Seo Ha, understanding this, holds onto the funeral home, hinting at a future relationship.


Embracing Redemption

“The Bequeathed” concludes with a ray of hope. Young Ho may not inherit the funeral home, but he gains a legitimate family, promising happiness for him and his mother.



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