Kong’ & ‘Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters’ Connection, Explained: How Did Apex Find The Skull Island?



Hey there, monster enthusiasts! Today, let’s dive into the jaw-dropping connection between Kong, Monarch, and the legacy of monsters that has left us all on the edge of our seats. Strap in, because this is going to be a wild ride through the mysterious realms of Hollow Earth.


Unveiling the Hollow Earth Theory

Remember Kong: Skull Island back in 2017? That’s where it all began. The movie introduced us to the Hollow Earth, a parallel world filled with ancient MUTOs predating human civilization. Skull Island, nestled between these two worlds, served as a refuge where monsters and humans lived in harmony. Kong, the mighty ruler of Skull Island, became the guardian of the tribes residing there, earning their worship as a god.


Bill Randa’s Bold Expedition

After the mysterious disappearance of Shaw and Keiko, Bill Randa stood as the lone survivor with knowledge about Hollow Earth. Eager to prove its existence, he gathered a team of soldiers and scientists post-Vietnam War and set foot on Skull Island in 1973. What he witnessed there, we already know. The twist? Bill didn’t make it out alive. However, before his demise at the hands of a Skullcrawler, he recorded a video and cast it into the ocean, hoping it would reach his son Hiroshi. Well, it did, and that’s where Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Season 1 kicks off.


Hiroshi’s Quest

Hiroshi, armed with his father’s video, delved into researching Hollow Earth portals just before the emergence of Gojira in 2014. Monarch wasn’t sold on Hiroshi’s theories, so he ventured to more accessible locations like Alaska and Algeria. Lee Shaw, tracing Hiroshi’s footsteps, stumbled upon the portal in Alaska and realized what Hiroshi had sought all along.


Apex Cybernetics on Skull Island

Apex Cybernetics, armed with Hiroshi’s information, set up shop on Skull Island. The ending of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Season 1 leaves us questioning whether Monarch was privy to their operation. Two long years of experimentation followed, with Apex Cybernetics attempting to control Skullcrawlers and Kong under the massive dome called Kong Containment.


The Future of Monsters and Humanity

As we eagerly await the upcoming season of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, speculation runs wild. Will Hiroshi and Keiko thwart Apex Cybernetics’ sinister plans? Or could they aid in developing transport vehicles for human exploration of Hollow Earth? The dilemma lies in the balance between humanity’s curiosity and the preservation of the mystical Hollow Earth habitat.

Shaw, despite his methods, might be onto something – separating the two worlds to prevent destruction. And, of course, our beloved hero Kong might make a grand return to end the Hollow Earth madness and finish what he started. The saga continues, and we can’t wait to see how the legacy of monsters unfolds. Stay tuned, fellow monster aficionados, for the thrilling adventures that lie ahead!



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