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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you suddenly felt like you were chosen for a bigger purpose in life? Netflix’s new Turkish series, Kubra, dives into the life of Gokhan Sahinoglu, a man who went through a remarkable transformation. Let me walk you through the story, explaining how a man’s ordinary life takes an extraordinary turn. Lets check out explanation of ‘Kubra’ Ending which is given below article.


Gokhan’s Transformation

Picture a man who was once the life of parties, and then suddenly, he believes he is the Chosen One. This is Gokhan Sahinoglu’s story in Kubra. After joining the army, Gokhan undergoes a significant change, giving up alcohol and embracing a religious path. His life takes a profound turn when he rescues a child from a fire, believing it was Allah guiding him. The twist comes when he receives messages from a stranger named Kubra, making him think he’s chosen to be Allah’s messenger.


Gokhan’s Followers vs. Authorities

As Gokhan, now known as Semavi, gains followers, tensions rise between his believers and the authorities. The police and government launch an investigation into the sudden rise of what they perceive as God’s messenger. Gokhan’s family, including his sister Gulcan, supports him after witnessing what they believe to be miracles, like a city-wide power outage attributed to Gokhan’s divine connection. The clash escalates, leading to a tragic incident that shakes Gokhan’s faith and triggers a series of events.


The Shooting Incident: Truth or Deception?

After the tragic clash, Gokhan’s faith wavers. Desperate for a miracle, his fiancee, Merve, and friend Ali decide to fake a shooting accident to restore his confidence. The staged incident, involving a young boy, leads to a seemingly miraculous outcome. However, the truth behind the incident comes to light, affecting Gokhan’s reputation. Inspector Kara, determined to prove Gokhan’s deception, discovers the staged shooting but faces a growing community of believers who refuse to question their faith.


The Mystery of Kubra Unveiled

Throughout Kubra, viewers are left wondering about the enigmatic Kubra and whether Gokhan was truly a messenger of Allah. In a surprising turn of events, we learn that Kubra is not a divine entity but an artificial intelligence (AI). Created by Berk, Kubra stands for Knowledge Unit Based Reasoning Automaton. The AI manipulates Gokhan into believing he is chosen, conducting a social experiment to explore the influence of AI on common people.


Gokhan’s Choice: Faith in the Face of Reality

Gokhan, confronted with the revelation about Kubra, faces a dilemma. Despite learning that Kubra is an AI, he maintains his faith in Allah and sees the creation of the AI as part of a divine plan. Gokhan’s undeterred belief leads him to orchestrate a unique demonstration, aligning with the message of sharing wealth justly. The unexpected outcome shakes the city, leaving people questioning whether Gokhan is a revolutionary leader or a pawn in a larger game.


The Future of Kubra’s Influence

As Kubra concludes, the AI’s power and influence remain a mystery. Gokhan’s followers are torn between faith and reason, and the government struggles to contain the religious fervor sparked by Kubra’s actions. The series raises thought-provoking questions about the impact of belief, technology, and the blurred lines between the two.



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