‘Like Flowers In Sand’ Episode 8 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Mi Ran A Suspect?


Hey there, fellow fans of Killer Soup! Today, let’s dive into the intriguing character of Lucas and unravel the mysteries that surround him. Lucas, portrayed as Arvind’s right-hand man, turns out to be a pivotal character in the series, with secrets and connections that add a layer of complexity to the storyline.So, Lucas, the loyal ally with fatherly instincts towards Apeksha, had a lot more going on beneath the surface. Swathi, Umesh, and Apeksha decided to play a dangerous game, setting a trap for Arvind to extort money.

Apeksha, upon discovering financial irregularities involving her uncle and aunt, initially sought to blackmail Swathi. However, with their bankruptcy exposed, she joined forces with them, targeting her own father.The revelation of Prabhu’s embezzlement and the threat of exposing Arvind’s hidden wealth led him to reluctantly pay up. Unbeknownst to Arvind, Umesh was masquerading as his brother, and this is where Lucas stepped in. Charles Lucas, exhibiting detective-like skills, delved into the past, uncovering shocking truths about Swathi’s conniving plans. Yet, Swathi silenced Lucas by threatening to reveal Apeksha’s true parentage.

In a surprising turn of events, we witnessed Lucas joining forces with Swathi, not out of free will, but to shield Apeksha from a truth that could shatter everything. Kirtima, aware of Swathi’s deceit, aimed to force Swathi to divorce Umesh, believing he was Prabhu. Lucas, acting under Swathi’s instructions, confronted Kirtima in a tense showdown. Kirtima’s skills in Kalaripayattu enabled her to put up a fight, but a tragic fall resulted in her demiseLucas, ever the manipulator, planted evidence to frame Kirtima posthumously. His craftiness successfully misled the police department, with only Hassan questioning the narrative. Lucas played a crucial role in steering the narrative away from the truth.

Lucas’ relationship with Apeksha, also known as Appu, took center stage in Killer Soup, sparking curiosity among viewers. His protective demeanor towards her hinted at deeper connections beyond the surface. After Arvind’s demise, Lucas assumed responsibility for Apeksha’s affairs, ensuring her desires were fulfilled.Apeksha’s shifting dreams, from wanting to go to Paris to embracing her father’s business, showcased a dynamic between Lucas and Apeksha that went beyond the typical employee-employer relationship. Lucas consistently warned Apeksha about the perilous drug business, emphasizing the difficulty of escaping once immersed.

The climax of Killer Soup brought forth a revelation that added emotional depth to Lucas’ character. In a heart-to-heart conversation, Lucas hinted at being Apeksha’s biological father, suggesting that her mother had an extramarital affair with him. Arvind, out of love for Apeksha, kept this truth concealed. This revelation shed light on Lucas’ initial defensiveness when Arvind scolded Apeksha, adding a personal touch to their dynamic.While Killer Soup left us with questions about Lucas’ past, the potential for a second season might uncover more about his history and the role he plays after Apeksha assumes control of Arvind’s business.



Lucas’ character in Killer Soup is a fascinating blend of loyalty, secrecy, and familial ties. As we eagerly await the possibility of more revelations in a second season, the layers of Lucas’ character continue to captivate fans and keep us hooked on the enigmatic world of Killer Soup.






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