Maestra Episode 10 : Review & Ending Explained (Is Kim Phil Dead or Alive?)



Our beloved Cha Seeum is in a tough spot. The poor girl suspects she’s being poisoned but can’t put her finger on the culprit. Is it Jeongjae? Well, not so fast! Seeum decides to play detective and sends her tea bags for testing. Smart move! Meanwhile, the orchestra rallies behind her, rejecting her resignation. Luna, in all her obsessive glory, leads the charge. Seeum is moved by the support but decides to leave the orchestra temporarily. Drama, drama, drama! Lets check out Maestra Episode 10 : Review & Ending Explained below in this article.


Maestra Episode 10 Ending and Review

Ajin is still being nasty, Luna remains obsessed, and Taeho resigns as Seeum’s assistant. It’s like a soap opera, but we can’t get enough. Jeongjae, on the other hand, insists on helping Seeum, and she’s torn between accepting his assistance and facing the danger alone. Talk about a tangled web of relationships!

Enter Kim Phil, the not-so-charming ex-husband. Phil discovers Seeum’s vulnerability to memory loss and hatches a plan to become her guardian. He believes Seeum is showing symptoms of Remington’s and aims to manipulate the situation. But, oh boy, does he underestimate Seeum’s resilience!

Phil’s attempt to sweet talk his way into the doctor’s office backfires. The doctor sees through his facade, and Seeum, heartbroken but resilient, takes immediate action. She spills the beans about her divorce and releases the news to the media. Phil is fuming, but Seeum is determined to break free.


Is Kim Phil Dead? 

Now, the burning question – Is Kim Phil dead? Ajin is overjoyed at the news of Seeum’s divorce, reveling in Phil’s misery. Seeum, on the other hand, receives a lab report ruling out the tea bags as the source of poison. The plot thickens as she suspects her daily perfume, a gift from Phil.

Jeongjae, being the good guy, informs the police about Seeum’s poisoning, leading to a series of investigations. At the end of Episode 10, we’re left with a shocking scene – Phil waiting near the river, getting injected by an unknown assailant. Who could it be? Luna, Ajin, or perhaps Jeongjae himself? The suspense is killing us!


Final Thoughts – A Rollercoaster of Promises Unfulfilled:

As we reflect on Maestra: Strings of Truth, it started with so much promise, right? But alas, the series seems to have lost its way. While it provides some surface-level entertainment, it falls short of delivering a powerful message. What could have been a memorable drama has unfortunately become a bit of a letdown.

So, dear readers, buckle up for the grand finale. Will Seeum unravel the mystery behind the poisoning? Is Kim Phil truly gone, and if so, who’s behind it? Only time will tell. Until then, let’s keep the Maestra conversations alive and speculate away! Cheers to the drama, the suspense, and the unexpected twists that keep us hooked until the very end.



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