Masters Of The Universe: Revolution’ Ending Explained: Will Despara Be The Villain Of Season 3?



Hello there, fellow Masters of the Universe enthusiasts! If you’ve delved into the latest adventure of He-Man and his gang in “Masters of the Universe: Revolution,” you might be wondering what on Eternia just happened in that jaw-dropping ending. Fear not, I’m here to break it down for you in simple terms that even Orko could understand.


Skeletor’s Twisted Tale

In the lead-up to the conclusion, we uncovered some shocking family ties. Skeletor, the bony baddie we all love to hate, was revealed to be none other than King Randor’s half-brother, originally known as Keldor. Hailing from the island planet Anwat Gar, Skeletor was the rightful heir to Eternia’s throne. However, a pesky technicality forced him back to his home planet.

Enter Hordak, the invader with a penchant for taking over planets. Hordak invaded Anwat Gar, turned Keldor into Skeletor, and gave him the Havoc staff. Attempts to conquer Eternos failed, and Skeletor found himself arrested, living the gloomy life in Snake Mountain. But, with a little help from Motherboard, Skeletor became the unexpected king of Eternos, meddling with magic, turning folks into robots, and launching an invasion. Quite the villainous plot, right?


Spoiler Alert: Teela’s Power Play

Now, the big question: Did Teela manage to control her newfound powers? Initially, Skeletor was just a puppet for Motherboard and Hordak. But, surprise surprise, his original ego, holographic Keldor, convinced him to ditch the puppetry and take charge. Skeletor took out Motherboard, defeated Hordak, but Evil-Lyn stepped in, snatched the Havoc staff, and handed it to Teela. She then worked her magic, literally, by combining three powerful staffs and restoring balance to Eternia, resurrecting Preternia in the process.

Concerned for Teela’s well-being, Adam entered the vortex, powered up by Grayskull, and gave her a boost. This transformed both of them, and in a surprising turn of events, they sealed the deal with a kiss. Romantic, right? Teela soared into the skies to use her powers and revive Preternia, while Skeletor had other plans, turning the brainwashed public into his minions. Adam intervened, breaking the spell and saving the day.


A New Eternia: Democracy Rises

But hold your horses; the story doesn’t end there. In the final battle against Skeletor, Adam and his friends faced their limits. Granamyr, the dragon, joined the fray, and Teela completed her spell, bringing Preternia back to life. Skeletor attempted one last strike, but with the ghost of Randor by his side, He-Man defeated Skeletor. The trapped souls were finally free, and Skeletor, now Keldor again, was stripped of his dark powers.

In a surprising twist, Adam put an end to Eternia’s monarchy, declaring it a democracy. Tired of the endless cycle of nepotism, he handed the power to the people. Keldor found himself in Castle Grayskull’s jail, and Andra decided to run for office. Adam and Teela chose to focus on their relationship, maintaining peace in Eternia.


The Cosmic Enforcers and the Mystery of Despara

But wait, there’s more! In the ending scenes, we’re introduced to Zodac, leading a team called the Cosmic Enforcers. They seem like the Watchers of Eternia, overseeing events but not interfering. Zodac expresses interest in recruiting Evil-Lyn, but will she join?

The narrative then shifts to Etheria, Hordak’s home planet. Hordak’s body is retrieved, and a masked character, likely Despara, vows to kill Skeletor and He-Man once Hordak regains strength. Turns out, Despara is Adora, Adam’s twin sister, kidnapped and trained by Hordak. More family secrets, anyone?


What’s Next: Season 3 and Beyond?

As we eagerly await news of Season 3, one can’t help but wonder what twists and turns lie ahead. Will Evil-Lyn join the Cosmic Enforcers? How will Eternia cope with the revelation of Adora as Despara? So many questions, so few answers.

Masters of the Universe: Revolution has left us on the edge of our seats, and only time will tell what adventures and revelations the next season will bring. Until then, keep the power of Grayskull alive, and stay tuned for more cosmic drama on Eternia!



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