Pandya Store 10th January 2024 Written Update”



Hey there! So, let’s dive into what went down in the Pandya Store episode on January 10th, 2024. The day kicked off with Natasha suddenly passing out, which freaked everyone out. Sandeep, though, seemed oddly pleased about it. Suspicious, right?

He tries to sneak her away to an empty room, but Cheeku catches him in the act. Cheeku, being the sharp one, questions Sandeep about where he’s taking Natasha. But guess what? Sandeep spins a story about Natasha feeling unwell and wanting some fresh air. Classic move, right? But Cheeku doesn’t buy it completely; he grabs Natasha and calls Isha for help.

Isha rushes in, takes charge, and gets Natasha settled in a room, making sure she takes her meds. Natasha starts feeling better, but guess who’s still up to no good? Yep, Sandeep! He cooks up another plan and whisks Natasha away, claiming there’s some store emergency. Sneaky, sneaky.

Dhawal, sensing trouble, gets worried about Natasha’s safety. He tries to intervene but Cheeku advises against it. Meanwhile, Sandeep conveniently pulls the “car malfunction” card and stops in a forest. What’s his game plan? That’s the cliffhanger we’re left with.


What’s Next?

The big question looms: Will Sandeep harm Natasha, or will Dhawal step up and protect her? The tension is palpable, and it’s got everyone on the edge of their seats.

That’s a wrap for today’s episode of Pandya Store! If you’re itching to catch all the drama or want to watch the full episode again, head over to You won’t want to miss the suspense!



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