Tara Shetty: Indian Police Force character explained



Hey there, readers! Today, let’s dive into the riveting world of Prime Video‚Äôs action-packed drama series,
Indian Police Force. Our spotlight is on Tara Shetty, a commanding police officer who stands tall in the midst
of high-octane action and relentless pursuits.


The Results-Driven Chief

Tara Shetty serves as the Chief of ATS Gujarat, deeply involved in investigating the serial blasts in Ahmedabad.
Despite her department’s warning to Delhi about potential similar incidents, the blasts occur. When a special cell forms to combat terrorism, Tara steps in, bringing her expertise to the Delhi Special Cell.


Leading the Charge

Following a tense standoff where Vikram meets his end, Tara takes the reins of the Delhi special cell. Her fearless leadership becomes evident as she plays a pivotal role in tracking down the elusive Zarar and his fellow terrorists. Tara’s knack for the fight is showcased in operations in Goa, where she fearlessly confronts adversaries like Kabir and Rana.


Tara’s Unique Skill Set

Tara Shetty is not just a desk-bound officer; she can hold her own in a physical showdown. A mean shot, she doesn’t hesitate to engage in Gun-fu, taking out threats like Unaiza with a precise headshot while sliding on one knee.


Professional Tenacity

Professionally, Tara mirrors the stubbornness of Vikram and Kabir. Her unyielding determination sometimes puts her at odds with Vikram, but beneath the surface, it’s all in good spirits. Both share immense respect, and Vikram admires Tara’s efficacy in getting results.


Bonds & Relationships

In the complex web of relationships, Tara’s dynamic with Kabir Malik stands out. Despite warnings against personal involvement, Kabir makes it his mission to hunt down Zarar, leading to a love-hate dynamic reminiscent of Tara’s relationship with Vikram.


Training Days and Warm Friendships

Tara’s past intertwines with Vikram and another comrade from their IPS training days. Initially, her relationship
with Kabir echoes the camaraderie she shared with Vikram. Over time, she warms up to Kabir and extends her warmth to her old friend Jagtap, aiding him in returning home after a prolonged undercover mission.


Personal Choices

In her personal life, Tara embraces independence, expressing a preference for the single life. This sentiment is
echoed in her conversations with Kabir, who shares her choice of remaining unattached.



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