The Tourist Season 3 Theories (Eugene Spy Story)



Let’s rewind a bit to Eugene’s early days in Ireland. The poor guy got caught up in a deadly love affair, causing an age-old feud between his mafia family, the Cassidys, and the McDonnells. Things took a dark turn when Eugene’s identical brother, Joe, got mistakenly shot by Donal McDonnell, the hot-headed husband of Eugene’s lover, Claire. Eugene, not wanting to spiral into a cycle of revenge, smartly decided to pack his bags and leave his crime-ridden life behind. Lets check out The Tourist Season 3 Theories which is given below article.


Tourist Season 3 Theories

Now, this is where the third season promises to dive deeper. Season 2 hinted at Eugene’s mysterious past, revealing a confidential file stating he became a sentinel secret agent reporting to a government agency on June 15, 2005. That’s way before the events of Season 1 in 2018. So, did Joe’s death play a pivotal role in Eugene’s decision to join the spy game, or did he have other motives?

After bidding farewell to Ireland, Eugene must have sought refuge in a European country, maybe England or Scotland. Picture this: Eugene, trying to turn over a new leaf, inadvertently gets tangled up in some shady business in London. Law enforcers catch wind of his activities, but being the smooth talker he is, Eugene might have struck a deal with the investigators, offering crucial information in exchange for his freedom. And voila, Eugene transitions from a criminal to a secret agent.


The Australian Connection

Now, let’s talk about Eugene’s stint in Australia. Season 1 clued us in on Eugene, masquerading as Elliot Stanley, joining forces with the notorious drug dealer Kosta Panigiris. Operating as an accountant, Eugene’s primary task was to keep tabs on Kosta’s drug networks and feed intel to the authorities. All was going well until Eugene’s emotions got the best of him. He fell for Kosta’s fiancĂ©, Victoria, a con woman planning a heist on the Greek gangster.

Intriguingly, Eugene and Victoria successfully pulled off the robbery and fled to Australia for a quieter life. However, karma catches up with Eugene, as he loses his memory upon arrival and struggles to piece together his identity.


What’s Next in Season 3?

As we eagerly await Season 3, it’s clear the gaps in Eugene’s life are about to be filled. The time between leaving Ireland and working for Kosta is a treasure trove of untold stories. Eugene, now an intelligence agent, likely had more adventures and maybe even made a few enemies along the way. Season 3 might introduce an old nemesis, possibly Lena Pascal, the Russian woman with a vendetta against Eugene. Lena could team up with someone from Eugene’s past to settle scores.

Eugene, however, has burnt bridges with his past, as evident by torching a confidential file from an old friend at the agency. But as we all know, the past has a way of catching up, and Eugene might find himself entangled in a web of consequences in the upcoming season.



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