Yoon Myung-Gil’s Death In The Bequeathed Explained



In the gripping drama of “The Bequeathed,” the untimely demise of Yoon Myung-gil takes center stage, revealing a tale of deceit, greed, and a lethal pursuit of a piece of land. Let’s embark on a journey to understand the tragic events that led to Yoon Myung-gil’s death, as Detective Choi Sung-jun peels back the layers of a seemingly peaceful village.


A Puzzling Passing:

Seo-ha, Yoon Myung-gil’s niece, stumbles upon the shocking truth about her uncle only after his demise. The revelation unfolds as Myung-gil is discovered to have been poisoned, prompting the local police to scrutinize Seo-ha and Young-ho as potential beneficiaries of his death. However, Detective Choi Sung-jun takes a different approach, delving into the mysterious circumstances surrounding Myung-gil’s demise.


Uncovering the Conflict:

As Sung-jun delves deeper into the investigation, he uncovers a crucial lead that others have overlooked. The heart of the matter lies in a conflict between Myung-gil and the village chief, Yuk Sung-soo. Intriguingly, the detective learns of this discord through an overheard conversation between two girls in the village.


A Bizarre Funeral:

Attending Myung-gil’s funeral arranged by the villagers, Sung-jun senses an unusual atmosphere. Instead of mourning, the villagers appear jubilant, contradicting Yuk Sung-soo’s claim that Myung-gil was deeply connected to them. This anomaly triggers Sung-jun’s instincts and propels him further into the heart of the mystery.


A Land Dispute Unveiled:

Sung-jun’s investigation takes him through the quiet village of Jinseong-ri, where he uncovers a significant aspect of the conflict. Myung-gil’s refusal to sell the Yoon family’s burial ground becomes a roadblock in a grand development plan for a golf course, destined to elevate the village’s prosperity.


Halted Progress:

The golf course and an accompanying commercial building were envisioned to transform Jinseong-ri, but Myung-gil’s steadfast refusal disrupted these plans. Sung-jun discovers that Jijo Construction, the company behind the project, faced an obstacle: the Yoon family’s burial ground, the only piece of land not under their control.


The Poisonous Trail:

Venturing into the commercial building, Sung-jun stumbles upon a crucial clue – large quantities of thallium, the substance used to poison Myung-gil. The building, ostensibly under construction, hides the excess thallium, purchased in bulk to create a deceptive facade.


A Web of Deceit:

Sung-jun connects the dots and unravels the conspiracy involving Yuk Sung-soo. Myung-gil’s murder was orchestrated to eliminate the obstacle he posed to the land deal. The detective submits his findings, leading to Yuk Sung-soo’s arrest and the revelation of a sinister plan involving a college friend working for Jijo Construction.


Justice Served:

Yuk Sung-soo confesses that his friend, enticed by promised profits, carried out Myung-gil’s murder when persuasion failed. Both conspirators then attempted to coerce Seo-ha into selling the contested land. Sung-jun’s relentless pursuit of truth brings justice to Myung-gil and unveils the dark underbelly of a seemingly idyllic village.


The Lingering Curse:

Even after Myung-gil’s tragic end, the Yoon family’s burial ground continues to cast its shadow. Myung-gil’s sister turns to violence in a desperate bid to secure the land for her son, illustrating the enduring repercussions of a seemingly innocent dispute.



In the intricate narrative of “The Bequeathed,” Yoon Myung-gil’s death emerges as a poignant tale of familial bonds, betrayal, and the relentless pursuit of wealth. Detective Choi Sung-jun’s meticulous investigation unveils a web of deceit, bringing justice to a seemingly peaceful village marred by greed. The story serves as a stark reminder that even in the quietest corners, secrets and conflicts can unravel with devastating consequences.



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