Strong Girl Nam-Soon season 1 episode 13 Recap & Ending Explained


We all know that Strong Woman Do Bong-soon (힘쎈여자 도냉순) and its spin-off series Strong Girl Nam-soon (힘쎈여자 갗남순) are the biggest trending dramas in South Korea and all over the world. Both dramas are directed by Kim Jung-Sik and written by Baek Mi-Kyeong. Basically, this drama is based on a girl named Nam-soon and how her superpowers are used for good. Lee Yoo-mi, Kim Jung-Eun, Kim Hae-sook, Ong Seong-wu, and Byeon Woo-Seok play the main parts. Netflix distributes the show, which is made by JTBC. Therefore, in this post, we have explained recap and ending story on Strong Girl Nam-Soon season 1 episode 13.


Strong Girl Nam-Soon season 1 episode 13 recap

In the most recent episode of Strong Girl Nam-Soon season 1 and episode 13, the Commissioner General gives Hee-Sik a lot of bad news. But what do you know? He doesn’t care and chooses to quit before he gets fired. He and his team figure out who the Pavel boss is who is linked to Ryu Si-O.

As Geum-Ju gets ready for another show, things go badly when Jung Na-Young is taken hostage and put in a dangerous position. What did she say? If you speak out against Geum-Ju on TV, you could hurt her sister. Things that are heavy!

On the other side, Hee-Sik and his team are making progress in finding where the sea hares came from. As a secret spy, Nam-Soon is very important. At the same time, her family is having trouble, and Joong-Gan is the first person who is being attacked.

Don’t move from your place! Si-O finds out a big truth about who Tsetseg really is, which turns everything on its head!

A strong older woman quickly takes care of Si-O’s thugs, while at the hospital, Jun-Hee and her husband are arguing like kids. Talk about strong feelings! Especially after she told everyone about her friendship with Joong-Gan.



As the series end of Strong Girl Nam-Soon draws near, things are getting hot. The stakes are rising, and everyone’s secret names are finally being revealed.

The love story between Joong-Gan and Jun-Hee goes in a crazy direction, which makes for some really funny moments. In this episode, Geum-Dong’s great physical acting steals the show.

Nam-Soon’s family has a rough road ahead of them. Can they get back on their feet after getting hit? We can’t take our eyes off that big question.

As the show’s last season starts, fans can look forward to more action, surprises, and secrets being solved. Prepare yourself for a thrilling ride!



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