Who is Yoon So-Hee? : Character in “The Glory” Series Explained



In The Glory, Yoon So-Hee is the first person Yeon-Jin and all group of students bully, and she has the worst end of all of their victims. Their victims have all had worse luck than she did.

It’s true that Yoon So-Hee’s body is a big point of contention in The Glory. However, her life before she died was also full of chaos and pain.

Park Yeon-jin was one of the Sunghan High School students that really made fun of So-hee. Son Myeong-o, Choi Hye-jeong, Lee Sa-ra, and Jeon Jae-jun were the others. Jeon Jae-jun was the one who sexually assaulted her before getting her pregnant. Soon thereafter, Park Yeon-jin murdered her by shoving her over a building and lighting her ablaze.

Moon Dong-eun, a classmate, discovered evidence linking Yeon-jin to the crime. But a policeman who had been hired by Yeon-jin’s wealthy mother, Hong Yeong-ae, concealed this evidence.

However, So-hee’s parents kept her remains in the hospital freezer for a long time because they couldn’t believe she had committed herself.


Murder of Yoon So-Hee

Even though Yeon-Jin and her group were picking on Yoon So-Hee before they moved on to Moon Dong-Eun, she doesn’t die until after they have already picked on her.

The killing of Yoon So-Hee and Moon Dong-Eun both go to the same high school, which has the same name. A group of mean girls were the ones who ruined her life and wasted her storynt. She was a smart and hopeful girl whose life and chances were taken away.

All of them were mean to her, but Park Yeon-Jin, the rich brat, led the mean behavior until Yeon-Jin killed her. Even though So-Hee is treated badly and disrespectfully, which leads to her death, she manages to keep her job until Yeon-Jin kills her.



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