Who is Hotaru Haganezuka? : Demon Slayer Character Explained



When the Demon Slayer story goes to the Swordsmith Village Arc, Hotaru Haganezuka is a major supporting character who helps Tanjiro and other characters in important ways. Demon slayers fight some of the scariest animals in the world. These animals are all very powerful and mean. The people who are supposed to bring the demons to their knees need an extra boost of strength to do their jobs well. Most of the time, this boost in strength looks like the tools they use.

According to the show, Hotaru Haganezuka is the most famous swordsmith. He makes the main character’s swords and is also a sign of honesty and hard work. For now, swords are still the most common tool used by the slayers. Haganezuka is always very angry. His anger nerve is always twitching, which is not good. On top of that, even if it is too much sometimes, he usually has a good reason for doing it.

When the swords he spent a lot of time making come back broken, this is the most upsetting thing for him. The main thing that makes his friendship with Tanjiro unique is this main point of disagreement. When fighting, the main character who is in charge of killing demons often breaks his Nichirin swords, which makes Haganezuka very angry. He promises, though, to always give him a new blade after that.


Importance of weapons to kill demons

When people play the video game Demon Slayer, they fight monsters that are both physically and mentally harmful. You have a harder time beating them because they use strong tools. How does it get chosen most of the time? It’s a fighting axe. Though there are many characters in the show, Hotaru Haganezuka is the most well-known because he is the skilled worker in charge of these important pieces of equipment.


Focused and Fiery

When Haganezuka is angry, it’s always very clear why he is angry. Who was it that made him the most angry? When swords that he carefully crafts get broken after a fight, it happens all the time. Many times, Haganezuka gets mad when the main character, Tanjiro, gives back Nichirin swords that have been broken. Even so, he carefully makes new blades every time, even when he is furious.


Unwavering Determination

In addition to being emotionally stable, his determination covers other areas as well. The way Haganezuka looks at things is very clear. It doesn’t matter that he has terrible injuries; he is still fully focused on his job. He is so determined that even his enemies, like Gyokko, are envious of how hard he works to get better at what he does.


A Master Forger’s Passion

Though Haganezuka seems like a nice guy, he is really just a skilled worker. The fact that he carefully checks out blades shows how much he loves his job. In the Swordsmith Village Arc, there is a very important scene where Tanjiro trusts his skills to fix a broken sword. At the time of his arrival, Haganezuka’s body was very amazing, making it clear that he was ready for any fight that came his way.


A Legendary Undertaking

What is the most recent thing he has planned? Taking care of a famous sword that had become rusty over time and belonged to the strongest monster killer who ever lived The great work that Haganezuka has done shows how skilled and dedicated he is. He used to make swords, but now he is very important in the fight against demons.


My Final Thoughts

In my opinion, Hotaru Haganezuka’s character in Demon Slayer is more than just an angry swordsmith. His unwavering dedication, focus, and passion for his craft make him an indispensable ally to Tanjiro and his companions. In a world where strength and weaponry play pivotal roles, Haganezuka’s contribution as a master forger remains invaluable.



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