Gu Won in ‘My Demon’ | Exploring the Transformation from Demon to Savior



Hey there, reader! Today, let’s dive into the fascinating world of “My Demon” and explore the character of Gu Won. He’s quite a unique demon, and there’s more to him than meets the eye. So, grab a comfy seat, and let’s unravel the mysteries together. Gu Won, the central character in the captivating series “My Demon,” embodies the complex interplay between good and evil. In this exploration, we seek to understand why Gu Won became a demon and how his journey unfolds, particularly when faced with the enigma of human emotions. Explore Gu Won’s transformation from a demon to a savior in ‘My Demon.’ Unravel the complexities of his character, the purpose of demons, and the impact of human emotions on his journey.


Gu Won’s Ambivalence

Before encountering Do Hee, Gu Won admits to enjoying manipulating human weaknesses, reveling in observing how far people would go in their desperation. His detachment, viewing humanity from a lofty tower, highlights his ambivalence. Despite his role as a demon for two hundred years, he neither develops love for humans nor considers himself wholly evil.


The Forgotten Past

At the beginning of “My Demon,” Gu Won has no recollection of his human life. This lack of memory leaves him unaware of why he became a demon. Interestingly, Gu Won excels at his demonic duties without any bitterness or anger driving him. Even his relationship with God is characterized by disdain, with God acknowledging that Gu Won’s objectivity led him to the position of a demon.


The Purpose of a Demon

A recurring question in the series revolves around the purpose of a demon. Unlike mythical beings coexisting with humans, a demon’s existence is intricately tied to humans. Without making deals, a demon faces spontaneous combustion. The nature of a demon’s job hints at being a second chance for humanity. As God mentions, anomalies arise from human free will, necessitating second chances for individuals to correct mistakes or address misfortunes caused by others’ actions.


The Human Desperation

Humans turn to demons when faced with unforeseen or adverse situations that can drastically alter their lives. Desperation arises from circumstances beyond their control, compelling them to seek a demon’s help. Gu Won witnesses various bargains, ranging from wealth acquisition to saving a loved one’s life or earning reciprocated love. Some deals showcase the depth of human love and compassion, but Gu Won remains apathetic, dismissing love as a useless emotion.


Gu Won’s Emotional Scars

Gu Won’s apathy towards love may stem from his past as Yi Sun. Witnessing the brutal death of Wolsim exposed him to the darker side of human emotions. Wolsim became a scapegoat, revealing human greed and intolerance. This traumatic event left an indelible mark on Gu Won’s heart, closing it to the goodness of humanity.


Transformation Through Love

Gu Won’s transformation begins when he falls in love with Do Hee. Her courage in protecting him from danger touches his heart. Despite his initial reluctance to accept love as a meaningful emotion, Do Hee’s actions break down his emotional barriers. Gu Won’s priorities shift, and he finds himself wanting to help ‘good’ people without conditions.


Do Hee: Gu Won’s Salvation

Breaking up with Do Hee becomes a self-imposed exile to protect her from potential harm. Gu Won believes his mere presence could be detrimental to her. However, he later realizes that he is Do Hee’s salvation, not a curse. In their two-hundred-year-long saga, Gu Won and Do Hee find their way back to each other, finally achieving the happiness they longed for.


The Delayed Happy Ending

God describes their union as a match made in heaven, delayed for centuries due to human anomalies and spiritual bureaucracy. Gu Won’s journey from demon to savior reaches its culmination, demonstrating the power of love and redemption.



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