Captivating The King’ Episode 1 Recap & Spoilers: What Did Jinhan Find About Hee-soo?”



Delve into the chaos as the Qing Empire invades Joseon, leading to a kingdom’s difficult decision. Explore the repercussions of surrender and the demands that alter the course of Joseon’s destiny.


Prince Jinhan’s Sacrifice

Witness the selfless sacrifice of Prince Jinhan as he embraces captivity for the sake of his nation. Uncover the challenges he faces and the unexpected bonds formed in the enemy state.


Deception at Home

Explore the betrayal and deception that await Prince Jinhan upon his return to Joseon. Unravel the lies orchestrated by the queen and the political machinations threatening Jinhan’s reputation.


Hee-soo’s Intriguing Tale

Discover the captivating subplot involving Hee-soo, the Chief State Counsellor’s daughter. Follow her disguised adventures, baduk challenges, and the intriguing relationship that blossoms with Prince Jinhan.


Unveiling the Future

Anticipate the twists and turns in the upcoming episodes of “Captivating the King.” Uncover the mysteries surrounding Prince Jinhan’s fate, the queen’s deceit, and the role of Hee-soo in this unfolding drama.



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