Criminal Record’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened To Adelaide Burrowes?



At the start of Episode 3, we witnessed a strategic move by DCI Hegarty, who assigned June to investigate the case of Isaac Whitlow, a young boy shot by an unknown assailant. Hegarty, playing his cards close to his chest, selected June deliberately. Why? Well, it turns out Hegarty is quite the chess player. He knew June was onto something regarding the connection between the Hayes Lane caller and Errol’s case. By keeping June close, Hegarty aimed to keep tabs on her every move.


June’s Quest for the Elusive Truth

June, fueled by determination and a touch of rebellion, teamed up with Sonya to uncover the truth. They embarked on a mission to find the elusive woman from the CCTV footage, the mysterious Hayes Lane caller. Sonya roped in Doris and her friends for some grassroots detective work, sticking pamphlets and talking to anyone who might have a clue about the woman’s whereabouts.

Hegarty, ever watchful, got wind of their operation through a rather unsuspecting source, Tony Gilfoyle. Tony, more interested in gossip than the case itself, inadvertently alerted Hegarty to the brewing storm. However, Hegarty remained cautious, unwilling to lay all his cards on the table.


Errol’s Tale

June, facing the challenge of decoding the perplexing Adelaide Burrowes case, took the evidence home at Sonya’s insistence. The case was a labyrinth of confusion, leaving June perplexed about Errol’s true motives. Though not enough to absolve him, the evidence was insufficient to conclusively label Errol as the murderer. Adelaide’s blood on his clothes and the attempted escape with Patrick painted a grim picture.

A visit to Errol in prison provided June with a glimpse into his shattered world. Errol revealed an alibi involving a man named Mustafa, a detail conveniently dismissed by the initial investigators. The haze of drugs and the weight of guilt clouded Errol’s ability to articulate his innocence. One thing became clear – Errol’s love for Patrick was unwavering.


Hegarty’s House of Cards

As Episode 3 concluded, Hegarty received a tip-off, leading to the discovery of Jason Reeves, Isaac’s shooter. A tense standoff ensued, and Jason’s capture revealed yet another layer to the tangled web of deceit. Simultaneously, June, positioned on the perimeter, narrowly escaped a bullet from Jason’s firearm.

The plot thickened further when Mick Hargreaves, a police officer, contacted June. Her inquiry into Patrick’s past had uncovered a questionable rescue by Hegarty. Patrick’s arrest for drug-related charges was hushed up by Hegarty’s intervention. The pieces of Hegarty’s questionable allegiance began falling into place.


June’s Dance with Danger

In a game of cat and mouse, Hegarty confronted June about her unannounced visit to White Cross prison. June, quick on her feet, spun a half-truth, acknowledging her actions without revealing the true intent. Hegarty, for now, seemed to buy into June’s explanation, leaving us wondering about his next move and whether June can outsmart him in the upcoming episodes.



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