Do-Hee’s Parents’ Death In My Demon Explained



A young Do-hee celebrating her birthday, surrounded by the warmth of her parents’ love. But tragedy strikes as they meet their end in a car accident. Along with her parents, Do-hee loses the stability and happiness that once defined her world.


A Glimmer of Hope

Amidst the darkness, a silver lining appears in the form of her father’s business partner, Madam Ju. This remarkable woman not only provides Do-hee with a home but showers her with the love of a parent. Do-hee’s world starts to find some stability, a respite from the turmoil that has defined her life.

Yet, the shadow of her parents’ death looms large, and Do-hee can’t shake the guilt. She blames herself, convinced that her urgency to have her parents return home that fateful day caused the accident.


Unraveling the Mystery

Fast forward 20 years, and the plot thickens after Madam Ju’s demise. Suk-min drops a bombshell, accusing Madam Ju of being involved in Do-hee’s parents’ death. The quest for truth begins, propelling Do-hee into a journey that unveils shocking revelations about her past.

Do-hee’s pursuit of answers leads her to a priest, the key to unlocking the secrets shrouded in darkness. The priest reveals Madam Ju’s frequent visits and discloses the involvement of Gu-won in the tragic incident.


The Devil’s Deal

Do-hee’s father, a co-founder of Mirae Electronics, had once quit the company due to Madam Ju’s questionable practices. In an attempt to expose her, he threatens to unveil the unethical deeds, setting off a chain of events leading to the fatal accident.

Madam Ju, driven by a misguided pursuit of success, follows Do-hee’s parents that day, witnessing the horrifying turn of events. Gu-won, a devilish figure from a past deal, reappears as the expiration date of the agreement approaches. He refuses to save Do-hee’s mother, bound by the terms of the prior deal, leaving a life hanging in the balance.

As Madam Ju grapples with the aftermath, she herself is injured, using a cane to walk henceforth. The experience transforms her, prompting a deep reflection on her actions. No longer willing to jeopardize lives for corporate success, she bears the weight of guilt for the tragedy that unfolded that fateful night.


The Unspoken Truth

Madam Ju, despite growing attached to Do-hee, never reveals the truth about her parents’ death. The fear of not being forgiven by Do-hee keeps her silent. Instead, she confides in a priest, leaving a solemn request to share the truth with Do-hee if she ever seeks answers.

In this intricate web of tragedy, guilt, and secrecy, the characters in “My Demon” grapple with the consequences of deals made with the Devil. As the story unfolds, Do-hee’s journey becomes a poignant exploration of love, loss, and the haunting legacy of a past marked by deals with dark forces.



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