Detective Forst’ Review: Is Netflix’s Polish Thriller Worth Watching?



Hey there, fellow binge-watchers! Today, let’s dive into the mysterious world of Detective Forst, the 2024 Polish thriller series on Netflix that’s creating some buzz. Now, we all know Netflix has been serving up some intense action from Poland lately, but Detective Forst takes a different route while still delivering those heart-pounding moments.


A Peek Behind the Scenes

The show kicks off with Detective Wiktor Forst and his boss, Edmund Osica, cruising to a crime scene. Picture this: a dead body intricately tied to a metal crucifix structure. Quite bizarre, right? Especially for a typically peaceful town. Our detective, hailing from Krakow, steps in to crack the case, revealing a series of mysterious deaths in the picturesque Polish mountains of Tatra.

Here’s where the plot thickens. Forst, portrayed by Borys Szyc, teams up with the fearless reporter Olga Szrebska, played by Zuzanna Saporznikow. The duo stumbles upon an old coin inside the mouth of the first victim, sparking a gripping investigation. But before they can catch a breath, another body turns up, confirming a connection between the two deaths. Cue the dangerous serial killer haunting the Podhale Highlands.


The Players on Screen

Now, what sets Detective Forst apart? Well, the premise is intriguing, weaving a story of bodies left in unusual, almost cult-like formations. While the plot sways from the typical cult storyline, the tension remains thick throughout the six episodes. And let’s talk about production value – it’s a visual feast! The natural landscapes of the Polish mountains are showcased with exquisite detail. From breathtaking scenery to visually stunning aesthetics, the show is a treat for the eyes.


Peaks and Valleys

Let’s give a nod to the actors. Borys Szyc, despite not fitting the conventional detective hero mold, nails the role. Zuzanna Saporznikow delivers a decent performance as Olga. Supporting cast members like Aleksandra Grabowska and Kamilla Baar also shine in their roles, adding depth to the narrative.

Now, every show has its highs and lows. The downside of Detective Forst? Its brevity. Unlike some Netflix productions that overstay their welcome, Detective Forst leaves us wanting more. The episodes, particularly towards the end, feel rushed and crammed, making the plot somewhat confusing. A couple more episodes could have allowed for a smoother, more complete unraveling of the storyline.

And yes, there’s that cliffhanger ending, signaling a potential second season. But here’s the thing – the first season doesn’t give us a compelling reason to eagerly await the next one. The characters, especially Forst, feel a bit too one-dimensional. His Casanova tendencies, coupled with an excessive focus on his mental struggles, don’t add much depth to the character.


The Verdict

As we wrap up, Detective Forst is a mixed bag. It’s visually appealing, the plot keeps you hooked, and the performances are commendable. However, its brevity and some questionable character choices might leave you scratching your head. If you’re a fan of Polish thrillers or have a soft spot for detective dramas, it’s worth a cautious try.

So, grab your popcorn, settle in, and decide for yourself – is Detective Forst the next binge-worthy series on your list? Happy watching!



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