Lift’ Review: Kevin Hart & F. Gary Gray Add To Netflix’s Evergrowing Catalogue Of Background Films



Hey there, movie buffs and casual Netflix scrollers! You know, we all have that go-to film for background noise while tackling life’s various tasks. Netflix, with its ever-expanding library, has been a go-to destination for such films. Today, let’s chat about the latest addition to the mix: “Lift,” a heist film featuring the comedic powerhouse Kevin Hart and directed by F. Gary Gray.


The Plot Heist – Unpacking “Lift’s” Story:

So, here’s the scoop on “Lift.” The film follows a group of skilled thieves, led by Cyrus (played by Kevin Hart), each with their unique expertise – from a master of disguise to a hacker. The story kicks off with a two-part heist involving an NFT in Venice and a Van Gogh painting in London. Enter Agent Abby, chasing our crew with a history that adds an extra layer of intrigue. The plot thickens when a notorious terrorist, Jorgensen, surfaces, forcing Abby and the thieves to team up and prevent a gold transfer from London to Zurich. Buckle up; this heist is the real deal!


The Script’s Heist – Unmasking the Writing Woes:

Now, let’s talk about the brain behind the operation – Daniel Kunka, the writer. It seems like Kunka took a stroll through the heist film genre, picked up some buzzwords like NFT and hackers, and sprinkled them throughout “Lift.” Unfortunately, the result is a script that feels like a mishmash of recycled ideas and cringe-worthy dialogue. Comparisons to iconic heist films like “The Italian Job” and “Quantum of Solace” only highlight the lack of originality. It’s like Kunka copy-pasted scripts from the past decade, making us wonder if he’s in it for the Netflix paycheck.


Directing Dilemma – F. Gary Gray’s Low-Effort Heist:

Moving on to the director’s chair, F. Gary Gray, a name synonymous with hits like “Friday” and “Straight Outta Compton.” However, with “Lift,” it seems like Gray is coasting on past glory. The film’s lack of passion, vision, and originality is evident, leaving us questioning whether Gray is using his influence to secure Netflix funds for a lackluster product. While his previous works shine, “Lift” becomes a forgettable entry in his filmography, a real head-scratcher for fans.


 Performance Underwhelming – A Cast Stuck in the Shadows:

Let’s talk about the cast, the real gems in any heist flick. Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Sam Worthington, Úrsula Corberó – a powerhouse ensemble that, unfortunately, falls flat in “Lift.” Despite their storynts, the characters lack depth and fail to engage the audience. Even Kevin Hart, a charismatic force in the entertainment industry, seems misplaced in this lackluster Netflix endeavor. It’s perplexing why such a storynted cast is wasted on a film that lacks the spark and impact of their previous projects.



In the grand scheme of Netflix’s background films, “Lift” struggles to rise above mediocrity. From a recycled script to uninspired direction, the film fails to leave a lasting impression. While the cast boasts impressive resumes, their storynts are underutilized, leaving viewers longing for the magic of their previous works. As for Kevin Hart, a figure with immense potential, it’s baffling why he chooses projects that don’t showcase his full range. Perhaps, in the vast sea of Netflix content, “Lift” is a forgettable wave that will fade away before the next tide of blockbuster releases. Until then, happy Netflix and chill!



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