Itsumi: Maboroshi Character Explained



Hey there, curious minds! Today, let’s dive into the mysterious world of Itsumi, a character shrouded in the enigmatic aura of Maboroshi. So grab your snacks and settle in for a fascinating journey through the heart of the story.


Masamune’s Encounter with Itsumi

Picture this – Masamune, our protagonist, stumbles upon Itsumi while helping his classmate Mutsumi at Mifuse’s steel factory. But here’s the catch – Itsumi is no ordinary girl. She’s like a wild creature, unable to speak properly, hinting at years spent in isolation at the factory. She didn’t even have a name until Masamune bestowed upon her the moniker “Itsumi,” derived from Mutsumi’s name and the location of her captivity – the fifth blast furnace.


The Significance of Itsumi in Mifuse

Ever wondered why Itsumi holds such importance for Mifuse? Sagami drops a hint that the Sacred Machine has a peculiar connection with her. Masamune’s father, Akimune, spills the beans in his journal, revealing that Itsumi arrived from the real world to Mifuse’s phantom realm after a landslide at Mount Kanzari. This event marked the first crack in the sky since the factory explosion.

It turns out that Itsumi, unlike the residents of Mifuse, grows and her emotions impact the events in the town. Akimune, foreseeing potential catastrophic results, wanted to send her back home via train. However, Sagami, acting as the leader, decided to confine her to ensure the town’s survival. So, Itsumi grew up within the cold walls of the steel factory, devoid of the experiences she could have had in the real world.


Unveiling Itsumi’s True Identity and Fate

Fast forward to a glimpse of reality through a crack, and we discover that Masamune and Mutsumi are a married couple in the real world. Mutsumi drops the bomb – Itsumi is their daughter, explaining the uncanny resemblance between them. The backpack that accompanied Itsumi revealed her true name, Saki Kikuiri, along with a picture of her family.

In the real world, Masamune and Mutsumi are desperately searching for their lost daughter. The final moments of the film witness Masamune and Mutsumi successfully sending Itsumi back home on a freight train. It’s a bittersweet farewell as Itsumi, reluctant to part ways, leaves Mifuse with a heavy heart.

Years later, a grown-up Itsumi revisits Mifuse, now a ghost town since the factory explosion. As predicted by Masamune and his friends, she roams the desolate streets, revisiting the places that held fragments of her past.



And there you have it, the extraordinary story of Itsumi, a character entangled in the threads of Maboroshi. From her peculiar arrival to the heart-wrenching farewell, Itsumi’s story is one of growth, sacrifice, and a longing for home. As we bid adieu to this captivating character, let’s cherish the memories woven into the fabric of Mifuse, a town forever changed by the presence of a girl named Itsumi. Until next time, happy exploring!



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