What Is Murthehelp In A Shop For Killers?



Hey there, readers! Today, let’s dive into the unexpected twists and turns of a gripping story that unfolded at Hansarang Gyungae Hospital in Yecheong. The story follows Jeong Jian, who innocently thought she was there to handle the handover process of her late uncle Jinman’s body. Little did she know, this visit would catapult her into a world she never imagined.


The Mysterious Tattoo

As Jian navigates through the solemn task of bidding farewell to her uncle, she notices a peculiar tattoo on his leg. The word “murthehelp” catches her eye, and curiosity immediately takes hold. Was this tattoo always there, or did it carry a hidden meaning? The funeral proceeds, but the enigma surrounding her uncle doesn’t end there.

Post-funeral, while sorting through her uncle’s belongings, Jian stumbles upon a burner phone he used to employ. Messages on the phone reveal a staggering bank balance of over 18.7 billion won. Intrigued, she ropes in Jeongmin, a tech-savvy computer engineer, to dig deeper into her uncle’s life.


The Unveiling of Murthehelp

Jeongmin, armed with his hacking skills, delves into Jinman’s supposedly innocent agricultural website, only to discover it was a facade. This site was a gateway to something much darker – an illegal website known as ‘murthehelp.’ The same word Jian found tattooed on her uncle’s leg was the key to this clandestine operation.

As the screen lights up with the dark web’s eerie glow, Jeongmin guides Jian through the chilling layout and structure of murthehelp. This is no ordinary website; it’s a marketplace for killers, dealing in weapons, illegal products, and services that send shivers down the spine.


The Codes

Jeongmin, now navigating the sinister corners of murthehelp, uncovers the system it operates on. This illegal marketplace is exclusive, only accessible to authorized members. But access is not granted freely – members must earn codes based on their grades, and obtaining them involves a tricky process.

Codes, represented by different colors, dictate the items one can purchase. Code Red, the realm of contract killers, offers guns, weapons, bombs, and poison. Code Purple, reserved for spies, deals in information and tools for self-preservation when cover is blown. Code Yellow caters to the clean-up crew, providing drugs, detergents, and tools for body disposal and cleanup, alongside administrative services to evade the law.


Code Green

Among the codes, Code Green stands distinct. Unlike others, it’s not a category but a rule – those who receive codes from murthehelp must never attack Code Green. The consequences are severe, demanding all code holders to risk their lives to protect them. Jian, bewildered by this revelation, discovers her and her uncle’s names listed on the website under this code.



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