Like Flowers In Sand’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Baek Du Confess His Love?



So, our main man Baek Du is back on the Ssireum scene, and boy, oh boy, it’s a bumpy ride. When he confronts Du Sik about the whole mother-in-law charade, things take an unexpected turn. Turns out, Du Sik is deep undercover on a mysterious investigation. Baek Du, being the sharp guy he is, connects the dots and realizes it involves their Ssireum team.

Despite feeling used, Baek Du decides to rejoin the team. However, the welcome is colder than ice. His coach questions his flip-flopping decisions, and Jin Su throws some shade his way. Home isn’t much warmer, with his father happy and his mother probably rolling her eyes loud enough for us to hear. Oh, the drama of it all!


The Mystery of the Fixed Match 

As if the emotional rollercoaster wasn’t enough, we plunge into the mystery surrounding the match between Baek Du and Dong Seok. The revelation about everyone lending money to the ex-coach hits hard, especially Baek Du, who is now practically bankrupt. The coach’s suicide adds another layer of complexity.

Questions arise about the fixed match, and whether Baek Du was aware of it. The team debates whether he lost due to a bad call or lack of storynt. Du Sik investigates the match tapes and discovers the coach whispering to Dong Seok. The truth unravels as Dong Seok confesses to refusing the coach’s request to throw the match. He played fair, but the guilt eats at him. Baek Du, surprisingly calm, has already moved on, leaving us on the edge of our seats.


Love, Lies, and Childhood Scandals

Meanwhile, on the island, investigations are in full swing. Seok Hui senses something amiss, and the cafe owner drops the bomb – Du Sik is a woman and Baek Du’s first love. Cue the dramatic background music!

Flashback to their childhood, where Baek Du took a stand for Du Sik when her father was accused of match-fixing. He orchestrated a plan to make everyone rally around her, ending her isolation. The deep connection between them is evident as they both share a heartfelt cry.

As the episode concludes, Du Sik notes that Baek Du is still the same, finding happiness in others. Baek Du, in a surprising turn, admits that his return to Ssireum was fueled by Du Sik. He couldn’t refuse her request because he still likes her after all these years.


Final Thoughts

The stage is set for the love story to finally bloom. Baek Du’s feelings are crystal clear, but now we wait with bated breath to see the depth of Du Sik’s emotions. Will she reciprocate? Are they destined for a happily ever after, or will more twists and turns await our star-crossed lovers? Episode 6 promises answers and, undoubtedly, more drama! And there you have it, folks! Another episode dissected and discussed in the most chatty and friendly way possible. Stay tuned for more “Like Flowers in Sand” drama updates. Until then, happy watching!



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