Society Of The Snow’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: How Did Nando and Roberto Survive?



Hey there, fellow movie enthusiasts! Today, let’s dive into the gripping world of the new Spanish survival thriller film on Netflix, “Society of the Snow,” also known as “La Sociedad de la Nueve.” Spoiler alert: we’re going to unravel the ending and summarize the film, focusing on the miraculous survival journey of Nando and Roberto in the harsh conditions of the Andes.


Expedition East and the Ray of Hope

On the 36th day after the crash, Roberto, Nando, Tintin, and Numa embarked on a daring journey eastward, aiming to reach Chile. Facing snowstorms and inhospitable weather, the group stumbled upon the broken tail of the plane. Salvaging parts, they tried to contact civilization, but the challenges persisted. Numa’s infection forced him to return, leaving the trio to press on.


Miraculous Rescue and Emotional Reunion

In a poignant moment, Nando and Roberto, in the Chilean village, spot signs of life – a lizard and a lone man on horseback. Communicating with the villager, they send a message to Uruguayan authorities, kickstarting the rescue mission. The villagers become their lifeline, paving the way for the survivors’ salvation.


The Unbreakable Bond of Survivors

The film beautifully portrays the survivors forming a society amid the snowy desolation. A survivor adamantly clings to a suitcase containing belongings of those who didn’t make it – a touching symbol of the deep bonds forged in adversity. Through courage, inspiration, and a newfound faith in humanity, these men faced the unthinkable and survived.



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