My Demon Episode 13 Recap & Ending Explained



Love, twists, and a demon’s secret – that’s what Episode 13 of My Demon had in store for us. Brace yourselves for a recap that dives deep into Gu Won’s struggles, his evolving relationships, and the shocking revelation about Do Hee’s parents. Get ready for an emotional ride with My Demon Episode 13 Recap & Ending Explained. Find out about the unexpected turns that change the characters’ lives, from Gu Won’s growing love to shocking news about Do Hee’s parents.


Gu Won’s Transformation

Gu Won learns that he has changed when it comes to love. He used to be a mean dealmaker. He used to only care about how desperate his customers were, but now he is working to make sure that people who deserve justice get it. But when a group of people approach him and follow him, his secret identity as a devil comes out. Since the reveal, Gu Won has kept a positive attitude and is now looking for a tarot card reading that says good things will happen for both him and Do Hee.


A Joyful Christmas and Secret Relationships

As Gu Won’s happiness with Do Hee blossoms, their excitement for their first Christmas together is palpable. Meanwhile, Bok Gyu and Ms. Shin struggle to keep their love under wraps, resorting to a charade of discord to conceal their secret.


Gu Won’s Approach to Do Hee’s Trauma

Gu Won, attentive to Do Hee’s emotional scars, discovers the source of her trauma. An accident triggers memories of her parents’ tragedy, leading Gu Won to understand her deep-seated guilt. Do Hee, haunted by her past, works tirelessly to escape the emotions she can’t confront.


Healing the Inner Child

In a poignant dream sequence, Gu Won becomes the source of comfort for Do Hee’s inner child. Amidst the turmoil, Gu Won’s role in healing her emotional wounds becomes evident, showcasing the depth of their connection.


Unraveling a Dark Secret

Suk Min’s pursuit to dismantle philanthropic ventures takes a dark turn. During a family dinner, Gu Won notices Se Ra’s injury, leading to a revelation about Suk Min’s sinister plans. Se Ra’s attempt to uncover the truth about demons puts her in grave danger, and Gu Won becomes a key player in exposing the dark secrets.


The Sinister Dinner: A Plan Unfolds

Suk Min, seeking control, demands shares from family members. When met with resistance, he resorts to firing Seok Hoon to consolidate power. Do Hee confronts Suk Min, triggering a revelation. The mysterious word “Abraxas” on the killer’s phone points not to Do Gyeong but to Suk Min, unveiling a chilling truth.


A Mother’s Audio

The shocking revelation unfolds as Suk Min plays an audio recording. Do Hee’s parents were threatened for exposing Cheon Suk’s wrongdoings, leading to their tragic end. Suk Min accuses Cheon Suk of following and killing them, plunging Do Hee into a whirlwind of disbelief and danger.


Final Thoughts

As the episode concludes, doubts linger. Was Do Hee’s parents’ death an accident, or was it orchestrated by sinister forces? Gu Won’s involvement remains unclear, but the truth is bound to surface in the upcoming episodes.

In this emotional rollercoaster, My Demon leaves us questioning the characters’ motives and the blurred lines between love and betrayal. The next episodes promise to unravel the mysteries that haunt Do Hee’s past and Gu Won’s true nature.



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