Wish’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: How Does Asha Fight Against Magnifico?



Disney’s enchanting animated tale, Wish, takes us on a journey with the spirited teenager, Asha, as she battles for the dreams of every citizen in her magical land. However, beneath the surface of this seemingly whimsical adventure lies a tale of deception and the thirst for power. Let’s dive into the heart of Wish to uncover the secrets of Asha’s struggle against the enigmatic King Magnifico


Plot Unveiled

In classic Disney style, Wish opens with a narrator weaving the fabric of a magical past, introducing us to a world driven by the power of wishes. Magnifico, a once noble sorcerer, embarked on a quest to fulfill the deepest desires of the people. The land of Rosas, ruled by Magnifico and his wife Amaya, holds a unique tradition where citizens can entrust their wishes to the king once they turn eighteen.

Asha, our protagonist, seeks to fulfill her grandfather Sabino’s wish on his 100th birthday. Unable to present her own wish, she endeavors to become Magnifico’s apprentice. Little does she know, this decision will unravel the facade surrounding the benevolent king.


Asha’s Revelation: Unmasking Magnifico’s True Nature

In a surprising turn of events, Asha discovers that Magnifico is not the benevolent figure she believed him to be. The king’s reluctance to grant wishes becomes evident, revealing a self-centered ruler who hoards the dreams of his subjects. The film cleverly uses Magnifico as a symbol of a leader consumed by the hunger for power.


Asha’s Struggle

As Asha fights against Magnifico’s deception, she faces setbacks, including a betrayal by her friend Simon. The revelation that Magnifico will stop at nothing to maintain his dominance adds layers to the narrative. The film expertly weaves themes of friendship, resilience, and the consequences of blind faith.


The Enigmatic Star

Amidst Asha’s struggles, a celestial being named Star descends, bringing a magical twist to the tale. Star, with its mystical powers, empowers Asha to challenge Magnifico. The film skillfully incorporates a lesson about self-belief, echoing Asha’s father’s teachings about not relying solely on authority figures.


Magnifico’s Downfall

Asha’s rallying cry inspires the citizens of Rosas to reclaim their wishes. Magnifico, driven by fear, attempts to suppress the uprising but is eventually defeated. The film concludes with Magnifico trapped in his own staff’s crystal, hinting at the possibility of a sequel.


Wish’s End: A New Beginning

While Wish’s ending sees Magnifico defeated, it leaves room for future tales. Queen Amaya takes the reins, and the film hints at the influence of Disney’s magic over the years. Sabino playing the Disney tune in the post-credits scene symbolizes the enduring impact of Disney’s storytelling.



In Wish, Disney presents a tale that goes beyond the surface, unraveling a story of deception, betrayal, and the triumph of collective belief. Asha’s journey teaches us the importance of questioning authority and finding strength within ourselves. As we bid farewell to Wish, we anticipate the possibility of new adventures and the enduring magic of Disney storytelling.



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