Society Of The Snow Real Story Explained | Is The Story in Film is True?



Have you watched the gripping film ‘Society of the Snow’ and found yourself wondering if the events depicted are based on real-life incidents? Well, let’s take a closer look at the true story behind the movie and explore whether it differs from the actual events that unfolded. Lets check out explanation of Society Of The Snow Real Story which is given below.


Society Of The Snow Real Story Explained

Directed by JA Bayona, ‘Society of the Snow’ is a cinematic adaptation of the book written by Pablo Vierci, inspired by true events. The film beautifully portrays the essence of determination, grit, and the resilience of the human spirit. What sets it apart is the raw and impactful execution, avoiding unnecessary dramatization and allowing viewers to connect with the characters on a profound level.


A Cinematic Journey Through the Andes

The mighty Andes, with their snow-capped peaks, form the backdrop of the struggle faced by human beings in ‘Society of the Snow.’ The film captures the spirit of characters breaking under extreme conditions. You can’t help but feel attached to their plight, thanks to JA Bayona’s skill in making the audience experience the emotions the characters must have endured.


Reflections on Life: 

The film’s cathartic ending leaves a lasting impact, prompting personal reflections on life and its fleeting nature. Moments of realization about taking life for granted and the limited time we have on this planet linger in the viewer’s mind. A pivotal scene where Numa expresses his desire to embrace life fully resonates, making us ponder our own attitudes towards the preciousness of life.


Fact or Fiction: 

While ‘Society of the Snow’ is based on real events, it’s essential to acknowledge that some creative liberties were taken for entertainment purposes. The fateful day, October 13th, 1972, witnessed the crash of a Uruguayan flight in the Andes Mountains. Out of 45 passengers, 16 miraculously survived 72 days of battling extreme weather conditions before being rescued.


The Harrowing Decision:

In the film, the characters, faced with dire circumstances, contemplate a harrowing decision – resorting to consuming human meat for survival. The struggle between ethics, morality, and the harsh reality of their situation is portrayed vividly. The extremities of weather, bone-chilling cold waves, and the fear of death push them to question everything they once held dear.


The Unbelievable Climb: 

‘Society of the Snow’ depicts the incredible journey of Fernando “Nando” Parrado and Roberto Canessa, who, against all odds, climbed the Andes Mountains to seek help. This astonishing feat, although presented with some creative touches, is grounded in reality. The film captures the indomitable spirit that fueled their determination to survive.


Nando’s Spirit: 

The film emphasizes Nando’s role as a guiding force during their perilous journey. When Roberto almost loses hope, it is Nando who encourages him to press on. The nights were bitterly cold, and the days offered little relief, but their unwavering determination ultimately leads them to the nearest village, where they seek help and trigger a rescue mission.


Rescue and Reunion

The survivors’ rescue, aided by the authorities after Nando and Roberto’s incredible journey, marks the film’s triumphant finale. The sound of helicopter wings becomes a beacon of hope, providing immediate medical care to the survivors before reuniting them with their families.

In conclusion, ‘Society of the Snow’ is a cinematic masterpiece that skillfully balances real events with creative storytelling. The film not only captures the harrowing journey of survival but also prompts viewers to reflect on the preciousness of life. It stands as a testament to the strength of the human spirit and is undeniably a must-watch.



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