Roberto And Nando In ‘Society Of The Snow’: Where Are They Now?



Picture this: a desolate landscape, a crashed plane, and a group of survivors battling against the harsh Andean elements. Nando, having lost his entire family, emerged as a beacon of hope. His unwavering determination resonated through the frozen air, lifting the spirits of his companions. One such companion was Numa, who, despite taking charge alongside Marcelo, found himself grappling with doubt.

Nando, however, understood the importance of physical fitness in this dire situation. Amidst the bone-chilling cold and gnawing hunger, he kept training, recognizing the vital role it played in their survival. His silver lining perspective and deep-rooted belief that he would return home fueled not just his physical strength but also the mental fortitude required to navigate the psychological warfare they were facing.

When the group decided to seek the plane’s tail for vital supplies, Nando’s agility made him the first choice for the mission. Even in the darkest moments, like when resorting to cannibalism became a grim reality, Nando’s conviction held strong. He constantly urged Numa to keep training, to prepare for the challenges ahead. Despite Nando’s efforts, Numa succumbed to the darkness, leaving a void that lingered.


How did Numa’s death change Roberto?

Enter Roberto, a formidable member of the team, initially held back by fear. Nando persistently tried to convince him to take risks, to break free from the comfort zone that could ultimately lead to their demise. Numa’s tragic demise served as a turning point for Roberto. Witnessing his friend’s death fueled a newfound understanding: sitting idle equated to a slow death. Roberto, embracing Nando’s wisdom, agreed to make the climb.

However, Roberto’s fear resurfaced at the peak, urging Nando to go back. Nando, resolute and fueled by hours of effort, refused. Roberto, trusting his friend, stood by his side. Numa’s death was a catalyst for change in Roberto, but Nando’s presence was the driving force that prevented surrender.


Are Roberto and Nando still alive?

Now, the burning question – where are Roberto and Nando today? Fernando “Nando” Parrado, the beacon of hope in the Andes, is alive and thriving. Not only did he overcome the traumatic experience, but he also ventured into business and tried his hand at television production. Time, as Nando wisely puts it, proved to be the most potent healer.

As for Roberto Jorge Canessa, the resilient medical professional, he too is alive and well. In a surprising twist,
Roberto delved into politics, running for the presidency of Uruguay, although victory eluded him. The accident, as revealed in his autobiography, transformed Roberto from within, igniting a fervent desire to save lives.

So, dear readers, our heroes from the ‘Society of the Snow’ have not only survived the unforgiving Andes but have forged paths of resilience and success in the years that followed. Nando and Roberto’s storys remind us that in the face of adversity, human spirit prevails, turning survival into triumph. Until next time, stay warm and keep the spirit of adventure alive!



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