The Bequeathed’ Review: A Shocking Twist With A Lukewarm Investigation



Our protagonist, Yoon Seo Ha, inherits a funeral home, setting the stage for an intriguing mystery. The drama takes us through Seo Ha’s complicated life, from her father’s abandonment at a young age to her current struggles with a cheating husband. In a twist of fate, the funeral home becomes her lifeline, offering an escape from a seemingly hopeless situation.


Unraveling Family Secrets

As we follow Seo Ha’s journey, we discover the complexities of her relationships, particularly with her half-brother, whose intentions remain shrouded in mystery. Is he a protector, or could he be the very reason Seo Ha finds herself in danger? The drama masterfully weaves a web of family dynamics, adding layers of suspense to the unfolding story.


The Investigation Conundrum

In any thriller, the investigation is the heart of the story, keeping the audience engaged throughout. However, “The Bequeathed” falls short in this aspect. While the actors deliver outstanding performances, the investigation itself fails to maintain a consistent level of thrill. Some viewers find it a bit tedious, missing the excitement that should accompany a good mystery.


Spotlight on the Cast

One shining aspect of the drama is the stellar cast. Kim Hyun Joo, portraying Yoon Seo Ha, brings a refreshing authenticity to her character. Unlike typical dramas where female characters endure silently, Hyun Joo’s expressive portrayal captivates viewers. On the flip side, Ryu Kyung Soo’s depiction of Kim Young Ho is disorienting, leaving viewers wondering if a clearer portrayal of his character was warranted.


Spiritual Undertones

“The Bequeathed” touches upon spirituality, adding a unique layer to the narrative. However, some feel that the series could have delved deeper into this aspect. The infusion of spirituality could have provided a more profound understanding of the characters and their motives, enriching the overall storytelling experience.


The Culprit’s Revelation

The final revelation in the drama does stand out as a bold move by the writers. It showcases a willingness to break away from conventional storytelling. However, the execution of the mystery seems to have suffered due to a lack of cohesion in the writing. Perhaps a more focused approach or a slightly shorter series could have elevated the overall experience.


A Missed Opportunity

Comparisons with other shows, like the Indian drama “Kohrra,” highlight the pacing issues in “The Bequeathed.” While both dramas intertwine investigation with human stories, “Kohrra” manages to maintain a consistent pace, capturing the audience’s attention despite numerous subplots. If only “The Bequeathed” had found a way to balance its various elements more effectively.


Looking Forward

Despite its shortcomings, “The Bequeathed” leaves room for reflection. With the second season of “Hellbound” on the horizon, fans can anticipate more captivating narratives from the creators. The potential for improvement in future projects raises the question of whether “The Bequeathed” was a passion project for the writing team.



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