Indian Police Force’ Season 2 Theories: Will Kabir Be Able To Catch Rafiq?



Hey there, fellow enthusiasts of the Indian Police Force series! So, if you’ve been hooked on the first season like I have, you must be itching to know what might unfold in the potential second season. The suspense left by the first season has us all eagerly waiting, wondering if Rohit Shetty will grace us with another thrilling chapter. Let’s dive into what we know so far and explore some possibilities for Season 2.


The Unresolved Cliffhanger

The first season left us hanging, with the elusive Rafiq still at large. Despite the efforts of the Delhi Special
Unit, led by the tenacious Tara Shetty, Rafiq managed to slip away into Nepal. Now, given Rafiq’s character, it’s
safe to assume he’s not done causing trouble. I have a feeling he’s plotting a fresh attack after laying low for a
while. Rafiq has a history of identifying vulnerable individuals, like Zarar and Sikku, when they were young. This aspect, both in the show and real life, highlights the critical role of early intervention to prevent


The Challenge of Tracking Rafiq

Tracking down Rafiq in Season 2 won’t be a walk in the park. Unlike Shadab in Season 1, Rafiq is unlikely to make the same mistakes. He’s a shrewd operator who will be cautious at every step, making it a tough task for the Indian authorities. Kabir and Jagtap might eventually catch up to him, but not before Rafiq gives them a run for their money. Season 2 promises high-stakes drama as the seasoned campaigner Rafiq evades capture.


Unraveling the Masterminds

While Rafiq is a significant threat, there are hints of higher-ups pulling the strings. Rafiq used to report to
someone he referred to as the “principal.” This mysterious figure is likely the puppet master behind Rafiq’s
actions. As of now, Kabir, Tara, and Jagtap remain clueless about this higher authority. Could there be a syndicate operating from abroad? Season 2 might unveil the existence of a larger network, possibly based in the Middle East. Crossing borders and tackling such international threats could present a whole new set of challenges for our Delhi special unit.


Kabir’s Unfinished Business

Kabir’s personal vendetta against the Mujahideens is far from over. After capturing Zarar, he made it clear that
he won’t rest until the terrorist threat is eliminated. Even after Vikram’s death, Kabir remains fueled by a
desire for revenge. The authorities might advise him to let go if there’s no immediate threat, but Kabir,
supported by Tara and Jagtap, is unlikely to back down. Season 2 promises to explore Kabir’s relentless pursuit of justice and revenge.


Shaping Season 2

As we eagerly anticipate Season 2, it’s crucial for Rohit Shetty to craft new and authentic conflicts. While Season 1 may have left some wanting more, there’s hope that Season 2 will ramp up the excitement. Shetty needs to steer clear of replicating his film formula and deliver something fresh. The success of films like Sooryavanshi, where different worlds collide, indicates that a unique approach can captivate the audience. Season 2 has the opportunity to be more intriguing and entertaining.



In conclusion, the Indian Police Force Season 2 holds the promise of unraveling the complexities left unresolved in Season 1. With Rafiq on the loose, higher-ups in the shadows, and Kabir’s undying quest for justice, the stage is set for another gripping chapter. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for an announcement from Rohit Shetty, and until then, stay tuned for more updates on the unfolding saga!




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