The Kitchen’ Ending Explained & Film Summary: Does Izi Decide To Keep Benji With Him?



In the heart of the dystopian future, where society is divided, Netflix’s new science fiction drama film, “The Kitchen,” unfolds a story of social struggles and unexpected connections. The film, though more focused on drama than science fiction, weaves a narrative that leaves viewers questioning the choices made by its protagonist, Izi, in the face of a harsh reality.


The Unlikely Encounter

Izi’s life takes a turn when he encounters Benji, a teenager dealing with the loss of his mother, Toni Clarke. The two meet at Izi’s workplace, a showroom for Life After Life, a futuristic burial service turning bodies into manure for trees. The service, popular for its promise of a lasting memorial, introduces Izi to a grieving Benji.


Tensions Rise

Izi’s plan to climb the social ladder and leave The Kitchen gets disrupted as he considers taking Benji under his wing. However, his ambitions lead him to choose a single-occupancy apartment, abandoning the boy. The turning point occurs during a police raid resulting in Lord Kitchener’s death, prompting Izi to reevaluate his decisions.


The Enigmatic Staples

Within The Kitchen, not all residents are benevolent. Staples, a leader of a group involved in illegal activities, befriends Benji, dragging him into a dangerous situation during a citywide riot. The film explores the complex dynamics within the community, reflecting the struggles for survival in this dystopian setting.


A Fatherly Revelation

As the film reaches its climax, Izi returns to The Kitchen, realizing his mistake in leaving Benji. The two navigate police raids and violence, finding refuge in their flat. Benji, seeking a father figure, questions Izi about their relationship. While Izi leaves the biological connection ambiguous, he offers to be Benji’s father in every sense, reflecting a redemption arc for the protagonist.


An Uncertain Ending

The film concludes with an enigmatic knock at Izi’s door, leaving the audience in suspense. The possibilities are grim—more police seeking the rioters or Staples’ gang confronting Izi. In a protective move, Izi instructs Benji not to respond, prioritizing the boy’s safety over potential consequences.



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