Why Did Bang Eun-Ju Fake Suicide In Welcome To Samdal-Ri?



Welcome, dear readers, to a journey into the intriguing plot twists of “Welcome to Samdal-ri.” Today, let’s delve into the gripping tale of Bang Eun-Ju’s deception, a character who orchestrates a fake suicide and sets off a media frenzy against the protagonist, Cho Sam-Dal. Buckle up as we uncover the layers of envy, deceit, and the ultimate unraveling of a cunning plan.


The Seeds of Envy

In the vibrant world of fashion photography, Cho Eun-Hye stands tall as a successful and renowned figure. However, success often attracts the bitter taste of jealousy, and in this case, it comes from Eun-Ju, her own assistant. Eun-Ju, fueled by envy, dreams of stepping into Eun-Hye’s shoes, believing herself ready for the limelight.


The Spark of Controversy

The situation takes a dramatic turn when Eun-Ju, desperate to settle the score, accuses Cho Sam-Dal of having an affair with Cheon Chung-Gi, Sam-Dal’s boyfriend. Instead of confronting her about work-related issues, Eun-Ju cunningly records Sam-Dal’s reaction, laying the groundwork for a sinister plan.


The Shocking Fallout

The next day, the news spreads like wildfire – Sam-Dal’s assistant has attempted suicide, citing mistreatment by her boss, Cho Eun-Hye. Sam-Dal, unaware of Eun-Ju’s manipulations, is left stunned and guilt-ridden, facing a swarm of reporters eager to brand her as an abusive boss.


A Media Trial Unfolds

The media trial intensifies, portraying Sam-Dal as the villain in a narrative that cripples her professional life. Clients vanish, opportunities evaporate, and the once-thriving career crumbles under the weight of false accusations. With reporters hounding her every move, Sam-Dal and her sisters decide to seek refuge in their hometown of Samdal-ri on Jeju Island.


Bang Eun-Ju’s Persistent Sabotage

As Sam-Dal attempts a comeback with the support of her loved ones, Eun-Ju refuses to let go of the controversy. She collaborates with reporters, releases damaging videos, and even orchestrates confrontations with Sam-Dal’s mother. Yet, her efforts prove futile as Sam-Dal finds strength in her roots, reuniting with her ex-boyfriend Cho Yong-Pil.


The Unraveling Begins

Eun-Ju’s relentless scheming continues, but Sam-Dal’s friends and assistants are determined to unearth the truth. In a twist of fate, they discover Eun-Ju’s clandestine Instagram account, exposing her dubious dealings. Products, subtly placed in photoshoots without Sam-Dal’s knowledge, were part of Eun-Ju’s elaborate scheme to promote them illegally.


The Perfect Plan Exposed

The pieces of the puzzle fall into place when Sam-Dal’s assistants connect the dots. Eun-Ju’s jealousy and insecurity led her to fabricate a suicide attempt, intending to frame Cho Eun-Hye. Her goal was clear – take over Eun-Hye’s career, built on hard work and talent, and claim it as her own. This revelation shocks Sam-Dal’s friends, exposing Eun-Ju’s web of lies.


The Downfall of Deceit

Exposed and defeated, Eun-Ju loses not only her ill-gotten gains but also Cheon Chung-Gi and any semblance of innocence. Sam-Dal’s resilience, coupled with her friends’ determination, dismantles Eun-Ju’s malicious plan. As the truth emerges, Eun-Ju’s envy-driven deceit crumbles, leaving her with the bitter taste of failure.

In the end, “Welcome to Samdal-ri” serves as a reminder that even the most elaborate plans fueled by envy can unravel when faced with the strength of truth and genuine support.



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