Vikram Bakshi: Indian Police Force Character Explained



Hello, dear readers! Today, let’s delve into the riveting character of Vikram Bakshi from the action-packed drama series, Indian Police Force. Played by the talented Vivek Oberoi, Vikram Bakshi is not just a cop; he’s the essence of the show, even after his onscreen departure.


The Man Behind the Badge

Vikram Bakshi, a formidable police officer, is more than just a character on your screen. He’s the superior of Kabir Malik and a mentor, a guiding force shaping Kabir’s journey even beyond his demise.


The Personal Touch

In his personal life, Vikram is a family man, cherishing moments with his loving wife Shruti and their adorable son, Ayush. Their nuclear family expands to include Kabir Malik, depicting a bond that goes beyond professional duties.


A Mentor and More

At work, Vikram is not just a strict officer but also a mentor to Kabir. The camaraderie between them extends beyond the precinct, with Shruti and Ayush considering Vikram as one of their own. It’s not just about professional hierarchy; it’s about the human connections that make Vikram Bakshi a compelling character.


Balancing Act: Personal & Professional

Vikram Bakshi is not just a cop with a badge; he’s a resolute officer who doesn’t shy away from going off the books if the situation demands. One incident that showcases his dedication is during the Delhi serial blasts. When faced with a child holding an explosive near India Gate, Vikram fearlessly steps in, ensuring the safety of the innocent until the bomb disposal squad arrives.


Bonds and Dynamics

Let’s talk about the dynamic relationships that make Indian Police Force a rollercoaster of emotions.


Love-Hate Bond

When Tara Shetty, Vikram’s old friend from their IPS training days, joins the Delhi Special Cell, sparks fly. Vikram and Tara share a love-hate bond, a mix of respect and annoyance fueled by their stubborn and headstrong personalities. Their constant banter adds a playful touch to their camaraderie.


Covert Operations and Teamwork

In the world of covert operations, Vikram, along with Kabir and Tara, takes charge. Tara’s invaluable contributions prove crucial, leading to a successful operation against Zarar and his fellow terrorists. The trio faces the harsh reality of their profession, but Vikram’s leadership and Tara’s expertise bring a balance that defines the success of their missions.


The Farewell

Every story has its moments of goodbye, and Vikram Bakshi’s exit is both poignant and impactful.


Confronting Zarar

In a daring mission against Zarar and his terrorist associates, Vikram faces the ultimate challenge. The confrontation turns dire when Zarar uses a child as a hostage, forcing Vikram to make a gut-wrenching choice.


Legacy and Vengeance

As Vikram succumbs to the bullets, he leaves behind memories with his family and a legacy with Kabir. The drive for vengeance against Zarar becomes Kabir’s mission, fueling the narrative even after Vikram’s departure.

Dear readers, Vikram Bakshi is not just a character; he’s the beating heart of Indian Police Force. His personal touch, dedication to duty, and the bonds he shares with his extended family make him a character worth remembering.

In the world of Indian Police Force, Vikram Bakshi’s legacy lives on, reminding us that the strength of a character lies not just in their actions but in the connections they forge.



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