Zarar: Indian Police Force Character Explained



Hey there, reader! Today, let’s delve into the intricate world of the Indian Police Force’s most notorious character, Zarar. Played by Mayyank Taandon in the show, available on Prime Video, Zarar is a character that will make you question the boundaries of good and evil.


The Ordinary Alias – Haider

Zarar isn’t your typical bad guy; he’s a young man leading a dual life. By day, he’s Haider, an ordinary citizen just like you and me. But when the sun sets, he transforms into the most wanted terrorist in India. Sounds like something out of a movie, right?


Roots in Trauma

Zarar’s journey takes root in a traumatic incident during a communal riot in Kanpur. His uncle perished inside his father’s factory, set ablaze by rioters. This heart-wrenching event left Zarar broken, a vulnerability exploited by Rafeeq, a teacher at the madrasa he attended.

Rafeeq played a pivotal role in radicalizing Zarar, leading him down a path of religious extremism. Even his family disowned him, including his younger brother Sikku, who tragically followed in his elder brother’s footsteps and joined the same terroristic outfit.


A Reign of Terror

As an adult, Zarar becomes the mastermind behind serial blasts across India, targeting cities like Ahmedabad, Delhi, Jaipur, and Goa. Working for the Indian Mujahideen, a notorious terrorist organization, he rises through the ranks to become an IM commander.

His missions, often accompanied by his brother Sikku, result in the loss of hundreds of innocent lives. However, Zarar manages to lead a double life, disguising himself as Haider, a seemingly ordinary guy.


Love and Deception in Delhi

In Delhi, Zarar finds refuge in Saeed’s house, living a life as Haider. Here, he falls in love with Saeed’s daughter, Nafeesa. Unaware of her father’s secret life and Zarar’s true identity, she sees him as a bohemian perfume maker.

Their love story unfolds, leading to marriage and pregnancy. However, the truth eventually catches up with Nafeesa when she discovers Zarar’s real identity.


Choosing Truth over Deception

Despite Zarar’s genuine love for Nafeesa, events take a dramatic turn. After losing Sikku in Goa and a failed mission, Zarar decides to flee India. Nafeesa, still in Bihar and oblivious to the unfolding events, remains in the dark.

Zarar attempts to bring Nafeesa to Dhaka, but she decides to stay in India, choosing truth over deception. Learning about Zarar’s terrorist activities and his lies, she becomes determined to assist the authorities against her own husband.


Redemption or Arrest?

In a twist of fate, Nafeesa helps DCP Kabir Malik track down Zarar in Dhaka. With the support of his team, Kabir arrests Zarar and brings him back to India. In their final conversation, Zarar grapples with guilt and shame over his actions, realizing that he has lost the chance for redemption.

And there you have it, a gripping tale of Zarar – a man torn between two lives, love, and the harsh reality of his choices.



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